SOUTHWESTERN University’s athletic director Ryan Aznar called for the resignation of Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy for “lying” about the medical benefits of the injured athletes in the Partners Cup.

In yesterday’s press conference, Aznar cited their bad experience last year as the reason for not defending their title this year. Aznar said the organizers did not fulfill its commitment to help their athletes who got injured during the league.

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Aznar reacted to reports when Tiukinhoy said the Partners Cup will shoulder the medical expenses of up to P100,000 for athletes injured during the league.

“It is a total lie. Last year, I had to ask the school for a cash advance because he refused to pay for the entire amount entailed for the rehabilitation of our player, Cleford Maguate.

Ako na hinuon nahimong kurakot and dishonest ani sa among skwelahan?”

“He should resign as Cesafi commissioner. It is integrity that we are talking about here,” said Aznar.

Maguate needed an MRI and rehabilitation for his left knee injury during the Partners Cup last summer.

Maguate was made to undergo rehab for at least two months and the estimated cost was P43,200 for 72 sessions.

However, when Aznar requested Tiukinhoy for the payment, the latter only computed for 24 sessions that will have totaled P14,400 and negotiated with Aznar that the cost be divided between the Partners Cup and Southwestern University.

With the cost of the MRI, Tiukinhoy only disbursed P15,780.

Maguate only needed to finish 37 sessions but Aznar said the Partners Cup still owes SWU some P13,000.

Tiukinhoy said he only negotiated to divide the cost with the SWU because Maguate had a previous injury, which got triggered at the Partners Cup.

“That was why I negotiated to pay half and the other to be paid by their school. He accepted my payment. And I computed for only 24 sessions because that was what Dr. Dejaño said,” said Tiukinhoy.

“Wala nalang ko nilalis ato kay kapoy na kaayo. I needed to find a way on how to take care of our player that’s why I just asked the school for assistance,” he said.

Tiukinhoy also questioned Aznar’s reason for coming out with these complaints.

“The last Partners Cup was in April. How come he is bringing these issues just now? I did not lie. The facts are there to see. What is his motivation to accuse me? I do not want to go down to his level. He is much below me,” added Tiukinhoy.

To show that the Partners Cup has indeed fulfilled its obligations, Tiukinhoy mentioned the other medical expenses they shelled out for the 2009 Partners Cup.

“We paid P1,800 for medical expenses of Maguate; P415.95 worth of medicines for (SWU’s) Arrd Django; P1,500 for Eleazar Armecin’s dental expenses; and P6,500 for (University of the Visayas’) Ralf Olivares’ injury,” said Tiukinhoy in a text message.