A BODY that will look into complaints by the riding public will be organized in Davao City as provided for in the implementing rules and regulations of the City Traffic Code.

Executive Order 18, issued by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo last June 23, calls for the creation of the Motorized Tricycle for hire Franchising and Regulatory Committee (MTRFC) to provide policy directions, including mediation, act on complaints and conduct hearings on matters referred by the concerned citizens, City Traffic Transport and Management Office (CTTMO) and City Transport and Traffic Management Board (CTTMB).

The body will also review and approve the plans and programs concerning motorized tricycle for hire and refer and recommend issues, measures and concerns to the CTTMB whenever necessary.

It is a special body composed of five members, chaired by city mayor, and those appointed by the mayor from among the members of the City Traffic Transport and Management Board (CTTMB).

The role of the CTTMB, to which the MTFRC is under, is to provide advice and policy directions to the CTTMO, formulate policies, review, recommend and approve transport and traffic management plans programs that may be drawn or prepared.

The CTTMB reviews and recommend for approval the budget of the CTTMO and it ensures holistic approach to problem solving and cooperation in the implementation of transportation and traffic schemes of the city.

The CTTMB is a part of the CTTMO, which is previously known as the Traffic Management Center and recently became an office as Mayor Rodrigo Duterte signed the Executive Order 18 Series of 2015 or the Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code of Davao City. (KVC)