THE Social Action Center (SAC) of the Diocese of Bacolod expressed Friday its disappointment with city officials of Bacolod who recently signed the absolute deed of sale granted to City Mayor Evelio Leonardia on the property owned by the Arao.

SAC head Fr. Anecito Buenafe Jr. said the action taken by the majority members of the City Council was in a hasty manner after they granted the local executive to ink on the absolute deed of sale by the City Mayor.

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He explained that they are not against to the P250 million-loan for the acquisition and development of the relocation site but the timing and the manner performed.

"The City Mayor and some members of the Sanggunian (Council) have continually disregarded transparency and ignored the people's initiative regarding this issue. We viewed it as a legal maneuvering to circumvent legal process and push through with the P250 million loan despite the court hearing for the issuance of the temporary restraining order (TRO) and amidst questions and complains regarding the controversial loan," he said.

He added that SAC felt saddened by the rush decision to purchase the Aroa property.

Surprisingly, last Thursday morning the City Mayor immediately signed the absolute deed of sale that the city officials have set in purchasing the controversial property, Buenafe cited.

SAC said there's a deception in the actions made by the City Government wherein they failed to involve SAC in the second step of the evaluations for the appropriation of lot.

Though they were invited by the city for the ocular inspection of the prospect relocation sites but failed to evaluate the properties eyed nor discuss the target sites up to date.