PAMPANGA district hospitals, which served the public for more than three years, continue its operation despite the prevalent scarce resources in medical tools and medicines.

Doctor Danilo Naguit, chief of hospital I of the Balitucan District Hospital in Magalang town, announced this as he submitted to the Pampanga Provincial Government through the Provincial Health Office (PHO) the hospital’s report of accomplishments from July 2007 to December 2009.

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“Our district hospital has an authorized bed capacity of 25 and yet we have 46 implementing beds,” he said.

Naguit said hospitals such as the Balitucan District Hospital are always in need of additional resources in order to function more efficiently and provide better service to the constituents in the surrounding areas.

The hospital’s bed occupancy rate has always exceeded 100 percent – 134 percent in 2007, 128 percent in 2008, and 131 percent in 2009.

Its outpatients department served 18,265 patients in 2007, 35,867 in 2008 and 36,089 in 2009, showing a steady increase in the number of patients served.

“And yet, over the past two and a half years, only five have been added to the number of personnel; it was in the number of trainings – five in 2007, 18 in 2008, and 24 in 2009 – that we have been able to augment the hospital staff’s capabilities,” Naguit explained.

Due in good part to the support of the administration of Governor Eddie T. Panlilio and the Department of Health (DOH), he revealed that certain infrastructure projects have been completed to improve the hospital’s services. These include the renovation of the administrative building, laboratory, dietary section, pharmacy, dental office, nurse station and comfort rooms; construction of separate public toilets and comfort rooms in the various wards; construction of a canopy at the entrance door of the main building; and a laundry building.

As to the equipment added to the hospital logistics, the following, among other items, have been procured: two units room air conditioner; six units nebulizer; three units suction machine; seven pieces mattresses; two units weighing scale; two units grass cutter, two units ECG machine; one unit standby generator; one unit water pump; three units fetoscope; one unit otoscope or opthalmoscope; one unit microhematocrit centrifuge; two units EENT diagnostic set; two units anesthesia machine; one unit laryngoscope; one unit incubator; and one unit safety vault.

Naguit said that some 175 major surgical operations were performed in 2007, 392 in 2008 and 499 in 2009 while minor operations done were 1,104 in 2007, 2,040 in 2008 and 1,897 in 2009.

He also disclosed that the amount of medicines dispensed by the hospital was P3,301,901.75 in 2007, P6,487,291.16 in 2008, and P7,422,676.14 in 2009.

The hospital management reported an income of P929,814 in 2007, P2,003,006.00 in 2008, and P1,948,915.00 in 2009.

The hospital staff do outreach work through medical missions such as the one done in 2007 at the provincial jail which served 150 patients; a medical and surgical mission which served 120 patients in 2008; and a medical and dental mission which served 150 patients in 2009. (Press Release/PIO)