Evelyn R. Luab

Light Sunday

LIFE is good. Life is wonderful. We still, will all have our ups and downs. That is reality! At least we know that with the “downs” there will be “ups.”

We do not lose anything if we face the New Year with a lot of hope and with a lot of expectations for something new, great and wonderful to come into our lives. However, we certainly will lose a lot of things if we face the New Year with the disposition of a Scrooge, or the wicked witch in Snow White.

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In the book Anatomy of Illness by Norman Cousins, he describes how he cured his fatal illness with laughter. Laughing makes us come alive, and when we get this vitality, we become well physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately there are a great number of us who face the world with habitual negativity. I once had a visitor who came out of our guest room yawning and saying: “I’m tired!”

With raised eyebrows, I asked: “Didn’t you sleep well? Was the air-con too loud? Was the mattress hard?

She answered: “No. As a matter of fact, I slept well!”

My immediate reply was: “Don’t worry; there’s nothing that a good breakfast can’t fix. By 10 a.m., the malls will be open, and I’ll bring you to the Filipiniana sections of, at least two malls. We do have some lovely products. We have colorful and artistic bags.”

Her eyes lit up immediately in anticipation of the day.

I guess this example proves my point of our anticipating good things to happen in our lives. But you might ask me: “What happens if bad things happen instead?”

My advice? Be aware that nothing stays long in our lives. Everything will pass and then good things will come again.

During the Christmas season, I spent three days in Manila with my (daughter kaha? Or eldest?) Aimee’s family. My youngest, Mariles, spent the same three days in Manila, but she had to spend some time with her husband’s family. On the 25th, they went to Enchanted Kingdom with her husband’s family. I felt low. I wanted her to join Aimee and me.

My day changed, however, when Aimee brought me with her family to Ace Spa in Quezon City where you have about 75 bubbling waters to soothe your shoulders, waist, legs, ankles, neck, and a deep pool at the end of all the different soothing hot and cold bubbles. It was an experience I will never forget.

Did I miss Mariles with her brood that day? Of course! But God brightened up my day with a new experience.

Life will always be interesting, always will be new, and will always be fun-filled if we but face life with optimism that will put the pessimists to shame.

Last Saturday, my seven-year-old granddaughter Kate was made to choose where we would have lunch. Normally she would say, Jollibee or Kentucky or any place that would have chicken.

This time she surprised me with: “UCC Lola. I like to eat the white spaghetti with ham and mushrooms.” So we went.

I was so glad we did. We enjoyed so much the chuckle she gave when she impishly asked if I enjoyed the salad I was having. My face must have showed that I preferred something else. I guess part of living life is watching others enjoy life even if they are little joys.

Let’s bubble with life and spread the ripples of joy. Enjoy the street dancing. Dance and be merry! Pit Senyor! Welcome the New Year with eyes on the look out for love and new life.