TIRED of the usual fruit collection seen in the market? Then indulge yourself in a juicy and healthy fruit - watermelon or locally known as pakwan.

Bani, a town in Pangasinan, offers the best tasting giant round green fruit with reddish inside and sweet juice.

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"Pakwan is really a delight for the mouth. It is sweet and juicy with a curious texture that makes me want to crave for more. Lucky I live in Bani," said Livia Taganap, Bani municipal treasurer.

According to Primitiva Castil, 10-year vendor of pakwan in Bani, the fruit hits the market during the months of December to April.

Pakwan stalls are found along the highway roadsides in Barangay Banog Norte, five minutes away from the town's center.

Pakwan's price depends on its size. The smallest costs P25 each and is sold at five pieces for P100. Medium-sized pakwan costs P50 each and is sold at three pieces for P100. And the huge ones costs P100- P130.

Pakwan from this town is also a favorite of the foreigners. They go all the way to the town just to buy a hefty amount of watermelons.

According to Castil, foreigners know they will only find the sweetest pakwan in Bani.

According to Taganap, revenues from the market of these watermelons contribute a lot to the income of the town, especially of the barangay.

As proof for the fame of Bani's pakwan, the Fresh Plaza website described the fruit as the "reddest, juiciest watermelon with a delightful combination of color and taste." The article also mentions the writer's trip to Bani last February 2009.

Watermelons are good sources of vitamin C for the immune system, beta carotene, a powerful anti-oxidant and lycopene to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Watermelons are also considered as thirst-quenchers. It may help douse the inflammation that contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis.

If you consider eating this amazing fruit, you know where you will find the best tasting watermelons that you will surely enjoy. Pakwan is definitely a new thrill for the taste buds.