A BAGUIO City Police officer and an investigator of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) were arrested for violation of a total gun ban.

According to the BCPO Crime Incidence Report, PDEA special investigator II Berto Chumanao allegedly violated the omnibus election code (Gun Ban) at 10:20 p.m. of January 14 at the Amarillo Country Bar.

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On a separate incident, an alarm and scandal case was filed against BCPO station 8 officer SPO1 Esteban Wacdangan.

According to investigation, Wacdangan, together with a companion believed to be a police officer and his son, proceeded to a vacant lot near their residence at Purok 12, Irisan between 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Wacdangan allegedly started firing his hand gun successively using plywood as a target.

He allegedly consumed three magazines firing at the plywood. The incident alarmed the neighbors identified as Joni IKug, Crestita Estrada, Wilfredo Rosario and Johny Guibong.

The witnesses were allegedly 25 to 30 meters away from the police officer firing his gun.

An administrative case will also be filed against Wacdangan.

BCPO chief Agripino Javier said: "We are really serious in the implementation of the total gun ban."

He said BCPO will go against the violators even if they are PNP personnel, adding that the BCPO will not hesitate to discipline police officers who disobey the law.

Javier said the police should set an example in obeying the law.

"I have said Baguio policemen are discipline, I have trust and confidence in them. But I am also aware there are those who are not worthy of that trust," Javier said. (Visha Calventas)