STILL sore that she was not given a VIP pass for the Sinulog grand parade yesterday, mayoral candidate Georgia Osmeña called Vice Mayor Michael Rama “arrogant” and a “hypocrite” and her brother, Mayor Tomas Osmeña, a “bully.”

Georgia has complained that Rama promised her tickets to the grandstand but reneged on it.

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“Last year, when I called him to ask if it was okay to ask him for a ticket in spite of the talks of my running against him, he said, then, ‘You have been with me in this from the beginning. I will always have tickets for you.’ And he gave me tickets. That was what he said then…. He is plastic, after all, and a hypocrite,” she said.

“Arrogant, with the way he explained why I was not given ticket…Lumabas ang tunay na Mike Rama. He is not the nice guy that he presents himself to be,” she added.

In an interview with Sun.Star Cebu the other day, Rama said she should ask for the pass from the mayor. He pointed out she is running against him in the May elections Delicadeza

“You hide behind the back of Tommy and you talk so big. In the first place, you should have had the delicadeza to resign from the Sinulog Foundation. You are the one issuing tickets, not Tommy, so why should I ask Tommy? You were the one giving the tickets to me all the past years…. You keep on saying the Sinulog should not be politicized and yet you and Tommy are the biggest abusers of the Sinulog using the people’s money!” she said.

In an interview yesterday, Tomas, who has anointed Rama as the Bando Osmena Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) candidate for mayor to replace him, said it was he who denied his younger sister the VIP pass.

“I said not to give her…She has this position that she’s an Osmeña so she deserves the mayoralty. If you get a ticket, be grateful. But it (getting a VIP pass) is not a right. She thinks it is a right,” the mayor said.

Told of her brother’s words, Georgia said anybody can run for mayor and that it just so happened that she is a daughter of Sergio “Serging” Osmeña Jr.

She said she has been receiving a VIP pass for so long that it was a surprise that she was denied now.

She also said that her brother was also a nobody when he first ran for public office.

“What did he think of himself when he first ran for office? I am running on competency, something his candidate for mayor does not have. Ang yabang naman niyang magsalita, when look at the mess the city is in; how neglected it is. It is run by an arrogant Osmeña who uses the resources of the government to abuse others,” Georgia said.