AFTER 40 years in the music industry, APO Hiking Society is set to retire this year.

The trio composed of Jim Paredes, Buboy Garrovillo, and Danny Javier, is scheduled to do "Last Valentine's nAPO Nila" this February 13 at the SMX Convention Center.

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Garovillo said there were already talks since last year about their retirement from the music scene.

"Sa totoo lang since last year pa namin napapagusapan to, we decided to pursue individual interest also (To tell you the truth, since last year we were already talking. We decided to pursue individual interests also)," he said.

Garrovillo added: "We thought that if we will be just doing things like this and nothing new is coming we might get bored with ourselves and before that happens, let's put a timetable to it because our audience might get tired of us."

The three veteran singers already accepted the truth that showbiz is not forever.

"Every person in showbiz has an end, sometimes you think things are forever. No, they're really not," Paredes said.

He added: "When it's over, its over."

Javier also thought that celebrating their 40 years of doing great OPM music together is a good opportunity to end their careers. "It's a journey, that's life."

The trio said the industry has always been set for the younger ones.

"Showbiz in the Philippines is a business that caters to the young market, the very young market. We have done several albums, we tried to promote."

When asked on their plans after their musical retirement, Paredes said he might continue his teaching career in Australia.

Garovillo, on the other hand, will love to continue acting and his entertainment career, while Javier will still try to do his advocacies in the province of Mindanao.

APO Hiking society said audience is set for the best in their upcoming Valentine's Concert.

"We will talk about love, people falling apart, falling out of love, people falling again," Garrovillo said.

"It's 1000 percent performance, a great reportage that took 40 years to make, surprise and delight and entertainment like no other," Paredes added.

Though retiring, the three is still positive that the best is yet to come.

"Life goes on. If you ask me have each of us done the best in our lives? I think I haven't. You have a lot more to hear from Buboy Garovillo, Danny Javier and Jim Paredes maybe as individual, this is a phase in life that comes to an end, the music goes on and on," Paredes said.

APO Hiking Society started out as a Filipino Musical group at the Ateneo de Manila University as a huge ensemble vocal group.

Paredes, Garovillo, and Javier were the only members who pushed through with their musical career.

The group made 22 record albums, hosted long-defunct Sunday show "Sa Linggo nAPO Sila," and sung countless hits and concerts.

APO earned international recognition for Paredes's song "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo," which was also launched abroad. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)