A TURNOVER of command at the Misamis Oriental Provincial Police Office will take place at the Capitol Kiosk Monday.

Unlike officials in Cagayan de Oro, Governor Oscar Moreno has no beef about it.

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The turnover rite, however, would largely be symbolic: Police Senior Superintendent Graciano Mijares' appointment as replacement for Provincial Police Director Alberto Patrimonio took effect last January 9.

To be presided by Governor Moreno himself, the changing of the guard is an offshoot of the nationwide revamp implemented by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in preparation for the May elections.

Moreno, who is seeking reelection under the ruling Lakas-CMD-Kampi party, sees nothing wrong about it. If at all, the governor said the revamp in his own turf is proof that the administration has no ill motive in reshuffling police chiefs all over the country.

"Changing of police director is not a totally a big deal for me. I just have to know his (Mijares) priority and programs," Moreno said. "I don't think a simple revamp warrants any argument at all."

Moreno said he has met already and talked with Mijares and was "glad to know his priorities and programs as the new provincial police director of Misamis Oriental."

Mijares' top priorities will include discipline among police personnel, police visibility, campaign against illegal drugs and the formulation of better crime prevention programs in the province's 23 towns and two cities.

Before completely living his post, the Provincial Government is set to give Patrimonio commendation for his service, Moreno said.

The change of command at the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office initially took a tumultuous turn after local officials snubbed it, later expressing displeasure over what they said was lack of courtesy of the PNP.

The Liberal Party, meanwhile, sees the reshuffling as a "sinister plot" for the administration's supposed plan to cheat in the elections.