THERE is a favorite line of some politicians used to describe their predicaments: Political harassment. On some members of the minority parties, they cried out that the administration is the one behind their lot. How true is it depends solely on the discretion of the public whether to believe them or not. In this trying time, the common consensus is that most don't know who to believe and to elect since both sides have their own agenda once in power.

And we, the long-suffering folks, will have to endure and suffer more.

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There are politicians, of course, who are still exemplar in what they do be they in the administration or opposition. As a matter of principle, I don't want to name them for I might be thought as campaigning for them. But for those who understood me let this be the time to exert more effort in making and enforcing laws for the betterment of the people. Do not rest on your laurels, but strive for excellence in all your endeavors and your legacy will live on in the minds of the people and your children's children.

Those who cried political harassment yet have done nothing for their people must be out of their minds. How can they have the decency to say that if they are not even doing their jobs as mandated by the law and on which they took an oath to God and people? We are tired of your excuses, honorable ladies and gentlemen; your desire for public office implies that you have the means and ways to be the leaders of the people. If you canÆt perform your duties, please have mercy on us by doing the best that you can now and donÆt run for reelection.

This should be a food for thought for those who are aspiring for public office. You are not only elected as leaders, you are also elected as servants. As you make the laws of this land, so should you follow them wholeheartedly too. Remember that if you're elected through dubious means, your mandate is a lie and you're lying not only to us, but also to God and to yourself.

Yet if through honest means you get into office, please put into your mind that public office is a public trust and you are hold accountable for all your actions. Yes sirs and madams, the people will look up to you and they will believe and follow you if your words and actions exemplify the ideal statesmen.

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