THE transport sector looks into alternative fuels for public vehicles conversion to lessen the operational costs of public vehicles operators and drivers, an official said.

“We are doing everything we can to avoid increasing fares. Alternative sources of fuel are the answer to this,” Mendoza said.

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Due to continuous increases in oil prices, 1 United Transport Coalition Representative Vigor Mendoza III said ethanol is seen as an alternative fuel for public transport.

“We are exploring the idea of using ethanol as fuel, this will drastically lessen the use of fuel,” Mendoza said.

In a press conference Friday, Mendoza asserted the use of alternative fuel must be announced and propagated faster.

He disclosed that there is now a new technology, which can transform ethanol into fuel.

He added the technology is currently used in South America.

Mendoza said the ethanol will undergo the usual refining process as when processing sugar.

Mendoza said the government has allotted P500 million for the conversion of fuel engines to alternative fuel.

He said the target for conversion is 40,000 units nationwide and the project can be done very quickly but the problem is the supply of ethanol.

The government has to make sure there is a steady supply of ethanol to sustain the alternative fuel program, he said.

Mendoza said the project will be pilot tested to 1000 units only.

“We have to make sure there is ethanol fuel supply security and we have to make sure there is enough source of ethanol,” Mendoza said.

He said they are now looking for government owned lands which are idle and can be used as planting sites of sugar canes, cassava and other sources of ethanol.