THE Cordillera region’s native dialects are slowly disappearing as less and less people are using it compared with other languages, University of the Philippines-Baguio (UPB) Chancellor Priscilla Macansantos said.

“It is up to the community, if we do not use our language, it will die,” Macansantos said.

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Macansantos said regional languages and dialects have to survive because these are part of the region’s identity.

Macansantos disclosed that there are now efforts to translate academic works into regional languages and some of the UPB faculty has researched on these regional languages. UPB is set to spearhead a seminar on languages.

As the National Commission on Culture and the Arts literary arts vice chairman, Macansantos encouraged children and residents to write using their own languages, which they could submit to the commission for publishing. (Visha Calventas)