QUEEN of all media Kris Aquino on an interview over The Buzz Sunday aired her side on the news circulating the showbiz industry about the status of her marriage to cager James Yap.

Reports Friday morning said that Kris went to the house of a certain Mayen Austria, who is linked to her hubby. The actress-TV host allegedly threw insulting words to the woman and the latter’s mother

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Austria, 35, lived two blocks away from the house of the Yaps in Valle Verde 2 in Pasig City.

But Kris cleared the reports that no shouting took place.

She said she and her husband, who just arrived in their house from his basketball practice, were having a late lunch when James answered a call from a girl.

“I heard a girl crying, I could hear a voice very clearly say 'James tell me what's wrong with me ginawa ko na naman ang lahat,' and then my husband said, 'Alam mo pag ayaw sayo wag mong ipagpilitan ang sarili mo',” she said.

Kris then asked James who was calling and why is someone crying. The latter told her that it was Mayen on the phone and was having a rough time because her boyfriend left her for another girl.

Kris said she raised more questions to James and even asked him if he knows the boyfriend personally. “James said he doesn't know the boyfriend of Mayen.”

According to Kris, she know Mayen only because they ordered cupcakes from them before but wasn't able to meet her personally.

Kris added that she told James she wanted to go to the girl's place.

"I told James 'Anyway we live two streets away, gusto ko syang puntahan para naman makita nya na I am a real person kasi nababastos ako sa ginagawa nya… parang its not proper and baka she's under the illusion that I am not a real person and that I only exist on TV so gusto kong pumunta dun para maramdaman nya, flesh and blood, tao ako at misis mo ako."

Kris said while she was still in their house she received a call from her closest cousin, Rina.

Rina told Kris that Mayen called her up and said that Kris will go to her house and will confront her.

Rina added: “Tinawagan daw sya ni James na mag sorry na lang daw sya sayo.”

Though she was advised not to push through with her visit, Kris went to Mayen's house before going straight to work.

“Kung lagi na lang hindi ko kayang ipaglaban ang rights ko as a wife because I'm a public figure di lahat na lang ng babae mafe-feel na pwede na lang nila akong apak-apakan,” said Kris.

When she arrived in front of the Austria's house, she was able to talk first to Mayen's mother who invited her inside for they are entertaining guests at that time.

The host added that she refused the offer and said: "No ma'am its okay, I would just like to stay here and I just wanted to let you know that your daughter has really been calling my husband and I'm not comfortable about it."

She also she never cursed and she just tried to tell them her discomfort with what is happening.

“The girl came out and said 'I don't know why I have to say I'm sorry to you, James said to say I'm sorry but I didn't do any wrong,” Kris said.

She answered: “I'm his wife and in my opinion what you're doing is wrong and I came here to please ask you to stop calling my husband.”

Kris then left the place peacefully and went to work just like it was a regular day but people started to call her immediately that afternoon, which forced her to give her initial statements.

Though much has been said about the issue, Kris said her apologies to Mayen's mother. "Mrs. Austria, on behalf of my family, hindi naman nga po kayo ang nanggulo sa asawa ko, kaya humihingi ako ng tawad sa inyo, pati kayo nadamay dito.”

She added: "You cannot blame me for wanting to save my marriage."


Among the news that surfaced this weekend, Kris said she was really saddened and disappointed that her brother, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, is dragged in the issue.

“Bakit ang pagkakandidatura ni Noy eh gagawin nating issue in something that is simply a domestic issue,” she said.

According to Kris, ABS-CBN, her mother network, does have an Ethics Committee that monitors and prohibits her to talk about his brother who is running for the Presidential position for 2010.

Noynoy is running for president in the coming elections.

Kris said that since her brother’s name is being dragged in the issue, she would now be allowed to talk about Noynoy.

She then addressed the issue of the Aquino's worth to stay in Malacanang.

"Ang sinasabi dun, karapat dapat ba sila sa Malacanang?" hindi naman po ako ang ibinoboto nyo, si Noynoy," Kris said, stressing that from her past relationships and wrongdoings, she was never tolerated by Noynoy.

“For almost seven years, Noy and I had a difference kasi nga si Noy ayaw nga ng pamumuhay ko. In other words, Noy is of good moral character,” she said. “Noynoy is trying to salvage my marriage and is always there when I needed him most.”

Kris also said that Noynoy told her to set aside their self interests and pride because the one who will suffer the most in this situation are their children.

“Noynoy told me 'When you went into that marriage you what your responsibilities were. Mas matanda ka mas marami ka ng pinagdaanan sa buhay, emotionally and intellectually you are more mature, so much more is expected of you. Ang dapat mong isipin ngayon yung dalawa mong anak especially si Baby James.”

Her brother advised her not to think of the campaign and the issues surrounding them but to concentrate on how to make her family work.

The Buzz host then also said that the moral standing of Noynoy "is something that I could truly be proud of."


In her interview, Kris also confirmed that she and James agreed to give each other space for a while to think things over.

Kris, eldest son Joshua, and Baby James decided stay with her elder sister Pinky Abellada. She said that right now her sons’ security is her utmost priority.

Another reason for their transfer is the fact that their residence in Valle Verde 2 is ready and scheduled to be handed down to its new owner on the 25th of January.

When co-host Boy Abunda asked her of husband James and if they tried to work things out, Kris said: "I've tried, God knows I've tried and in all fairness to James he has also tried but maybe in my opinion, not hard enough."

Kris also said that this is the time for the two of them to work their differences before moving forward.

"Mahal ko sya, kaya lang ako na lang ang nagmamahal, hindi rin pwede na ako lang ang umiintindi, kung baga in basketball the ball is in his hands now. I can't forever be the one standing strong kasi darating din naman yung panahon na mapapagod ako," she said.

"I'm not saying that the marriage is over because in my heart I want it to work, I want it to work because number one I will forever be grateful to James dahil pinakasalan nya ako, that he love me enough to marry me but I want it to work because Baby James deserves a mother and a father but he doesn't this mess. Kailangan ko din ng space for me kasi bugbog na bugbog na din ako," she added.

Kris, who will be starting her newest teleserye "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" Monday, said that in marriage, it takes two people for it work.

She said she never gave James any reason for him to doubt her fidelity and that this time, its his time to prove himself.

"Gusto ko rin ng assurance na mahal, nirerespeto ka at hindi ka niloloko," Kris added "I love him and he knows I still love him. Make me feel like I'm really your wife, make me feel that you are a responsible husband, a loving father and that this marriage has a future."

Still Kris is hopeful that everything will work out fine and that she will do everything to make her marriage work.

“I'm not putting a period, I'm not saying that this is the end of the world. I am really hoping and praying na maayos naming lahat.” (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)