THE Bureau of Customs (BOC) will not anymore process importation of chemicals without permits from the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), said District Collector Ronie Silvestre.

Silvestre, who assumed post early this month, said that shipment of chemicals without importation permits from proper authorities may be seized and forfeited in favor of the government.

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Silvestre met with DDB Vice Chairman Clarence Paul Oaminal and lawyer Tomas Riveral, president and general manager of Oriental Port and Allied Services Corporation (Opascor), to tackle the matter.

Very strict

Oaminal said they are now very strict about chemical importations because most of these products are ingredients of shabu, an illegal drug.

He also said they are now even requiring industrial and pharmaceutical firms to submit their reports on how they used their imported chemicals before they are given the permit to import again.

Oaminal suspected that some chemical importers divert a little of their stocks to illegal drug manufacturers, resulting in a steady supply of shabu from traffickers and pushers.

The DDB, Oaminal said, has submitted to BOC the upgraded list of prohibited and regulated chemicals so they will know what chemicals need importation permit and why the need to monitor the importers on how they use it.

Riveral, on the other hand, said that Opascor, an exclusive cargo handling service provider at Cebu International Port (CIP) will not move imported chemicals out of the port without the necessary documentation.