CAGAYAN de Oro Vice Mayor Vicente Emano now finds himself treading meekly over charges that could potentially result to administration sanction: His chronic absenteeism in City Council sessions.

Over a radio interview on Monday, the vice mayor said he was expecting to be ordered by Malacañang to answer the charges of dereliction of duty and other administrative complaints against him anytime this week.

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"Andam ako sa pagtubag pero sa pagka karon, wala pa akoy nadawat nga kamandoan. Basin karong adlawa makadawat ko," Emano said.

(I'm prepared to answer it but I haven't received the order yet. Maybe I'll receive it today (Tuesday).

This contradicted to an earlier statement by opposition Councilor Roger Abaday who, together with other opposition councilors, village officials and civil society members, pressed the charges before Malacañang.

Councilor Abaday last week said Emano had already been ordered to answer the complaint, which focused on the vice mayor's over 120 absences at the City Council.

"We already received a copy of the order instructing the vice mayor to answer the complaint against him," Abaday told Sun.Star. "Vice Mayor Emano might not telling the truth here."

He added: This is such a small thing to warrant a denial. But if you come to think of it, when was the last time the vice mayor has spoken the truth?

An adamant Emano said when push comes to shove, he will only answer the charges if the courts tell him to do soùan indication he may set aside any order from Malacañang.

The vice mayor, who is allied with the deposed president Joseph Estrada, insisted that the complaint was just a ploy to harass him in time for the May elections.

Emano is eyeing a comeback on the mayorship under the PaDayon-Partido ng Masang Pilipino. His closest rival is Representative Rolando Uy (first district) of Lakas-Kampi-CMD, under which the three minority councilors who signed the complaint are seeking office in May elections.

"Dugay naman kana nga issue ang dili ko pag-preside sa session. Nganong karon pa man sila nanumbong? Diha maklaro ang ilang mga tumong ug tinguha batok kanako," Emano on his weekly program over the weekend. (ALR)