LONDON — Mourners gathered Monday at a memorial service for London town crier Peter Moore, who died after serving three decades in the symbolic role that in medieval times entailed walking the capital's streets while ringing a bell and proclaiming public announcements.

Moore was 70 years old when he died at his home last month.

He loved his traditional red-and-gold town crier uniform, as "the costume gave him power, it gave him authority," his 22-year-old son Jamie Howard told mourners at St. George's Cathedral.

The job of town crier, though essential centuries ago to a city without newspapers or TV, has long been confined to making announcements at parades, weddings or public ceremonies.

In medieval England, town criers would walk through the town declaring details of royal proclamations, local laws and market days to a mainly illiterate population. Their job diminished in importance as people learned to read and write, but many towns still have town criers to take part in historic ceremonies. (AP)