DAVAO City Council lashed at Retired General Jovito Palparan and Pastor Jun Alcover on Tuesday, saying the two are backed by "somebody big" and their "intentions on speaking ill about the city are under malicious intent."

Councilor Nilo Abellera said he heard Palparan, Anad spokesperson, and Alcover, Bantay spokesperson, saying over a radio program in dxAB around 8 a.m. that Davao City is a dangerous place.

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Abellera said his concern resides on the effects of Palparan and Alcover's statements.

"They could strike fear into the people of Davao and outsiders, especially prospective investors as well," said Abellera of the City Council committee on peace and order and public safety.

Abellera also said he has knowledge that "somebody big" is backing up Palparan and Alcover, reason for their zeal in expressing ill statements.

"Ang problema ana kay naa nay nasalikod nila, nasa taas nga posisyon. Klaro kaayong politika ang motibo pero di na lang ko musulti. (The problem is there's somebody behind them; at a top position. It's clear politics is the motive but I won't say anymore)" Abellera said.

In his speech, Abellera said the city has continued to improve and maintained peace over the years.

"I can't help but feel resent for what I heard during the interview. They just kept on yapping about the city being a dangerous place, about the alleged extrajudicial killings, and insurgency problems. It is indeed sheer arrogance for the spokespersons of Anad and Bantay to act as if their words mean the truths when they know little about Davao City," Abellera said.

Abellera's displeasure was mirrored by other members of the council.

"To express any opinion on the part of Palparan and Alcover is their matter of expression. The matter here if they have a big politician behind them. The problem is if all these actions are carried with malice and if all these actions a politician is behind it, for political advancement. That is the problem," Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang said.

"Records will show that Davao City has done a long way in maintaining law and order. The increase of enrollees from outside the city, rise in investments, and tourists can attest that we have improved, that we have come a long way protecting the peace and order and development in our city," Dayanghirang added.

Councilor Conrado Baluran dared Palparan and Alcover to come to the City Council and motioned to refer Abellera's speech to his committee to consider his suggestion.

Councilor Leonardo Avila, however, opposed the suggestion of Baluran.

"I think we should not bring them here and let ourselves be the ones defending their insinuations. I don't see a reason why we have to react on intentions that are also questionable. It's the political season and we might just be playing into the spider's web because this is what they want," Avila said.

"They want to get attention and discuss issues that need not be discussed in this hall but since it's going to be referred then I have no objection on that. But let's proceed with caution because they might have other intentions than what they are saying," Avila said. (JCZ)