I KNOW you would've wanted to have your ultimate summer experience this year in a paradise-like destination without booking an international flight because you’re on a tight budget.

Pack your things now as we prepared a list of where to enjoy summer in Davao Oriental, a province blessed with a plethora of wonderful tourist spots.

Dahican Beach in Mati City

This beach has been making a buzz lately. Well, it deserves such attention as it's a perfect beach getaway - white sand beach, pristine water, huge waves, local vibes, and rich marine biodiversity.

Dahican, a seven-kilometer stretch facing the Pacific Ocean, has been a favorite place of both local and foreign tourists, because why not? Day tour and overnight accommodations are available in the crescent-shaped coastline.

San Victor Island in Baganga

What is summer without an ultimate island escapade?

Just a five-minute boat ride from Barangay San Victor in Baganga, you can already step on this paradise and enjoy island living.

Staying overnight is also perfect in the island as tents, airconned, and non-airconned rooms are available. One can actually roam around the island in an hour or two. At night, the sounds of the waves can be your lullabies.

Pusan Point in Caraga

If you wish to be where the first rays of the rising sun breaks out in the country, then this is the place for you. Pusan Point is a 40-foot high rock promontory which faces the Pacific Ocean.

Features of this destination include meditation, an amphitheater that can seat some 100 people, a 200-square-meter swimming pool, a sundial and a two-story building that houses the Science Discovery Center showcasing a planetarium and other science-themed interactive sections.

Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel

This has also captivated thousands of tourists because of its majesty.

Aliwagwag Falls is made up of more than 100 cascading waterfalls making it as the country’s highest waterfalls. It is made up of rock formations varying in shapes and sizes. The falls is located just 30-40 minutes away from Cateel proper.

Beyond its natural allure, this towering piece of nature has facilities for thrill-seekers like the 680-meter zip line with a height of 55 meters from the ground and a monkey bridge.

Mt. Hamiguitan in San Isidro

This 6,000-hectare home of 1,403 species of fauna and flora got the highly-coveted Unesco World Heritage Site in 2014 and lately, as an Asean Heritage Park.

Its famous attraction is the 225-hectare pygmy forest, a field of bonsai trees estimated to be century-old.

But since it's a restricted area, then enjoy a virtual tour through the Mt. Hamiguitan Range and Wildlife Sanctuary Eco Park at the foot of the mountain.

Subangan Museum in Mati

If you want to have an overview of the whole Davao Oriental then this museum is the place for you.

It houses a huge skeleton of a sperm whale called DavOr, 53 feet long and weighing 20 metric tons (live weight), the 7th largest in the world.

Moreover, the Subangan museum showcases the province's history, culture, natural heritage, economy and its people.

If you are planning to go south this summer, exploring these 6 spots can be very exciting and memorable. Ooops, don't forget to explore as many destinations in the province, which are also worth a visit like the Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso, Sleeping Dinosaur in Mati, and many more.