Monday July 23, 2018

The gems of Cauayan

THE municipality of Cauayan is the place where I spent my childhood summers, enjoying my vacation with relatives and relishing the sea almost every day. This summer, I went back to Cauayan for a different reason, to marvel at its beauty from a different perspective and to learn from what it can teach me.

This town in the southern part of Negros Occidental is making waves because of its beautiful beaches. More than that, there is a positive thing happening here that is worthy of emulating. In Barangay Bulata, there are two particular attractions that have captured the attention and awareness of the public.

Danjugan Island

The wildlife and marine sanctuary of Danjugan Island has caught the interest of scientists and travelers, especially those who want to know how we can care for the environment. As a first-timer in Danjugan Island, I was amazed to discover that there are five lagoons and lush limestone forests in the area, along with the hundreds of species it provides shelter for.

We docked at Typhoon Beach at the northern part of the island that faces the Sulu Sea. We trekked through the forest, passing by a cave and two lagoons, towards Moray Lagoon Camp, located at the southern part facing east. A learning center is also found at the Moray Lagoon Camp. From there, we took a boat to the sea near Typhoon Beach where we snorkeled and marveled at the beauty of the underwater world in the area.SEE MORE