BEFORE a warrant of arrest was issued against SPO1 Adonis Dumpit, he filed for a leave of absence.

Supt. Rex Derilo, chief of the Regional Security Agencies and Guards Supervisory Unit and Dumpit’s immediate superior, said Dumpit wanted to file for a 15-day leave of absence.

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But because Derilo is only authorized to grant five days, he told Dumpit his request will have to be forwarded to the higher headquarters.

“We have sent men to look for him. He is encouraged to surrender,” Derilo said.

Dumpit is accused of killing Ronron Go, who was suspected of being a robber, last December 14, 2004.

Go’s family, though, said it was a case of mistaken identity.

Go’s mother, Janeth Badana, met with Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 Director Lani-o Nerez yesterday to inquire about how they will serve the warrant of arrest.

“I gave instructions to his immediate officer to locate him (Dumpit). Ang mando sa korte, among tumanon,” he assured Badana.

Cebu City Police Office Director Patrocinio Comendador Jr. also assured Badana the police are trying to locate Dumpit.

Badana went to the CCPO Headquarters yesterday afternoon hoping to speak with Comendador, but left the police headquarters in tears, saying the police official hesitated to see her.

She said she was disappointed with Comendador. She said she wanted to talk to him to ask for his assistance in Dumpit’s arrest.

Badana said she has an impression that Comendador is close to Dumpit. She said Comendador may be able to convince Dumpit to give himself up.

Comendador, however, said he was surprised why Badana left when she was just told to wait for a while.

He said he was signing “rush” messages and communication letters when he was informed by his staff that Badana arrived. Comendador said he told the staff to ask Badana to wait.

Comendador said his office is open to accommodate Badana’s request.

Nerez, for his part, said that even if he has not spoken with Dumpit, he knows the latter is apprehensive about his safety in jail.


Being a police officer, he was behind the arrest of several suspected criminals who are now in jail.

“He should communicate with us. Atong pangitaan og solusyon aron mapatuman nato ang mando sa korte (We will find a way how to implement the court’s order),” Nerez told reporters.

Derilo said Dumpit, through other people, sent surrender feelers.

“I believe he will surrender. He is a good officer,” Derilo said. Dumpit is an instructor for private security firms who send their personnel for training.

Though Dumpit did not say to which police unit he will surrender, Derilo hopes he will surrender to him because he is the immediate superior.

He admitted, though, that he tried calling Dumpit, but the latter did not answer the call.

Dumpit filed for a leave of absence last Jan. 12. The National Bureau of Investigation went to their office about two days later.

He also clarified that “regardless of whether we are close or not, nobody is above the law. We will hunt him down in the same manner that we look for other wanted persons.”

Badana, in an interview with reporters, said she has been asking all the law enforcement agencies including the city police force and the Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 to help in the manhunt against Dumpit.

Badana said at 10 a.m. yesterday, she met with PRO 7 Director Lani-o Nerez, who reportedly assured her that the police will help find Dumpit.