SAN LUIS -- Another Kapampangan beauty has conquered the regional stage after bagging multiple awards in the recently concluded Mutya Ng Pilipinas Central Luzon.

Joanne Pauline Diaz, 20, was one of the 14 chosen candidates to represent the province and showcase Kapampangan beauty.

"It was surreal and a great blessing to be part of the prestigious competition," shared Diaz.

The beauty queen, who won five awards including Miss La Primavera, Miss Yuki Skincare, Miss Lewis Grand, Miss Folded and Hung and Mutya ning Central Luzon Avant Model of the Year, is grateful for her past experiences in joining beauty pageants and earning the awards.

"My previous experiences took a big part in molding me and giving me such a wider opportunity in getting out of my comfort zone while boosting my self-esteem and helping me show what Luiseños got," Diaz stressed.

Aside from her family and friends, Diaz considered her hometown as one of her inspirations.

"They are my inspiration simply because I carry the name of San Luis after mine," she said.

Aside from celebration of beauty and intelligence, the pageant also aims to promote social responsibility and gives opportunity to its contestants to have a platform for advocacies, according to the beauty queen.

"As Kapampangans, we are known for our festivals and legendary cooking. In the pageant, I shared to them and encouraged them to be socially responsible in maintaining and promoting the province's strength," Diaz shared.

Having 14 Kapampangans out of the 17 total candidates of the pageant, Diaz believes Kapampangans have unique beauty and convincing aura.

"We always have the desire and the courage to win. That is why I am always proud to be a Kapampangan," she said.

Aside from her, other Kapampangan beauty queens from Sasmuan, Lubao and Floridablanca participated in the pageant.