Friday August 17, 2018

Femme fatale: 'Oro's beauty queen cop

Police Officer 2 (PO2) May Shell Oro crowned as the Miss PNP Maka-Diyos 2018, the equivalent to 1st runner-up in customary beauty contests, during the Miss PNP Ganda Pulis 2018 held at the police headquarters in Quezon City, last April 23. (Contributed photo)

WHO says policewomen can't be beautiful?

In a job dominated by men, beauty pageants for cops may be the last thing people expect. But that is exactly what Police Officer 2 (PO2) May Shell Oro signed up for when she joined Miss PNP Ganda Pulis 2018 held at the police headquarters in Quezon City, last April 23.

PO2 Oro, the pride of the Police Regional Office-Northern Mindanao (PRO-10), was crowned as the Miss PNP Maka-Diyos 2018, the equivalent to 1st runner-up in customary beauty contests.

Oro is presently assigned at the City Police Strategy Management Unit (CPSMU) at the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo).

The 32-year old solo parent said her inspiration has always been her 10 year-old daughter who, she said, gives her courage and determination to survive in her career while still doing her duties as a mother.

She said her marriage was already been shaky even before she became a policewoman. They tried to work it but failed.

Nevertheless, Oro said she and her husband have agreed to set arrangements in terms of time for their daughter.

Prior to joining the government's security and law enforcement force, Oro worked as a cashier in shopping malls and even as a service crew in fast food chains while taking up criminology in Zamboanga City.

And when she gave birth to her only child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a woman for others and joined the Philippine National Police (PNP) at the age of 25.

Oro said her daughter became her sole motivation to surpass the stringent and risky training.

"Akong inspiration is akong daughter busa akong target nga at the age of 25 dapat naa nako'y stable job nga gusto nako buhaton (My daughter is my inspiration that is why I set a goal to secure a stable job at the age of 25),"Oro said.

"I have to do this. Akong huna-huna dili ko pwede mamatay ug moundang sa training kay naa pa koy anak nga ulian. Mao na ang nakapalig-on sa ako (I always think that I must not lose and quit this job because I have a child to feed and take care of, this thought made me braver),"she added.

While her call for duty is not time-bound, she said her commitment and responsibility as a mother is more than just that. She said her daughter understands her job as she also takes extra effort to make time for her child.

She admits it's tough being a police officer and a mother at the same time. But seeing her daughter grow upright, happy, and safe is what matters most.

"Ang pagka-police kaya kay naka mindset naman siya, pero ang pagka-mama mas bug-at pero kayahon pa nako (I can handle my job because it's already a mindset. But, being a mother is more challenging which I have to bear),"Oro said.

Now, that she is carrying the sash as Miss PNP Maka-Diyos 2018, Oro is more than excited to use the title as a tool to inspire and empower fellow female police officers and all women in the community.

Oro said she will use her title as key and her advocacy as an instrument to support the total reformation of drug dependents who responded to the government's anti-illegal drugs campaign.

As a goodwill ambassador, Oro will be joining other winners in promoting the PNP's recovery and wellness program and other community-related activities of the police.

"Ang focus gyud namo kay i-change and life sa mga reformists kadtong willing gyud mag bag-o. This is my advocacy so mag libot mi sa tanan police regional offices uban sa mga other winners,"Oro said.

The Cocpo's most beautiful policewoman leaves a piece of advice for all women cops when she confidently answered the coronation night's final question, "What do you think is the strength of female police officer of the PNP?"

"The female police officer in the PNP is the light of the organization, just like a home. The PNP work together like a family to attain one goal, mission and vision-to empower women because when women are empowered they are powerful agents of change in our society. As the saying goes 'Behind every man's success is a woman', how much more if we empower them,"Oro answered.