Friday August 17, 2018

Netizens hit Ellen Adarna over latest controversy

Photo from Ellen Adarna's Instagram account

NETIZENS have hit Ellen Adarna anew following the latest controversy she got into.

On Saturday, the former “Home Sweetie Home” actress went viral online after her Instagram story, posted on Friday, caught the attention of many. In the said post, she accused someone of taking a video of her and beau John Lloyd Cruz while inside a ramen house in Makati City. She even shared a clip of the said netizen whom she somehow described as a “pap” or paparazzi.

However, amid her allegation, Eleila Santos, the person concerned, insisted that she was never trying to get a video of the couple.

“To reply lang naman to her story we really had no clue she was there. That’s why I took a vid of not only my food cause I was showing the restaurant as well,” Eleila tweeted.

“I did not panic at all cause why would I? I didn't even see her take a video of us so...”

In response to Ellen’s statement claiming that “when she realized that I was doing what she did, she kinda panicked, but she can see in my video. She didn’t even know what to do,” she had this to say, “It isn’t that I did not know what to do but I only fixed the SPOON that was placed in my bowl because it was going to fall off and then I posted my story :)”

In the latest report of the Philippine Entertainment Portal, it was revealed that the mother of the 17-year-old Eleila, Myra, has posted an open letter to Ellen on Facebook on Monday, May 7. She was asking the artist to make a public apology, and that their action was based on the advice of their lawyer.

In the middle of this newest report involving Ellen, a number of netizens couldn’t help but air out their comments about the whole issue.

“Wag mag artista para di maging public figure e di may privacy kau dinaig mo pa yung hollywood star sa reklamo!” Dorothy Joy Liop commented on PEP’s latest update about the Ellen-Eleila news.

A certain Julienne Javier shared the same sentiments, adding that she could be hiding something that she made the alleged video-taking scenario an issue.

“Looks like meron siyang tinatago at parang takot na takot mabisto,” Javier said. “Kung buntis ka or nanganak dapat proud ka instead na mag tago tago ka... dahil lalabas din naman kung Totoo.”

It can be recalled that since she has been romantically linked with John Lloyd, reports about her rumored pregnancy have already been making rounds. However, there has been no confirmation about this.

While some netizens surmised that the teenager shouldn’t have posted the clip showing the celebrity couple in the background, which might have justified the actress’s action, Kate Jones pointed out that it was never the intention of Eleila.

“FYI she posted the video on HER IG for her friends and family to tell the story about ramen. Not because of ellen and jlc. Magbasa ka muna please. Not because celebrity sya feeling nya kilala sya ng lahat. Paranoid kc mga artista at mgpapabuntis ayaw nmn pla mgpakita. Mgkulong sa bahay. Simple as that!”

What is your take about this issue? Did Ellen just overreact? Or, was her action justified?