FOLLOWING Sunday's flooding in Calinan District, Councilor Jose Villafuerte sought the relocation of informal settlers in Buhawi Village, Calinan.

Villafuerte said settlers residing near a section of the Davao River are left vulnerable to environmental dangers.

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"These people willfully and consciously erected their houses on unsafe riverbanks and unsupported cliffs left unnoticed by the City Government," he said.

He also expressed concern about alleged illegal selling of public lands in the area.

"Not only are those people in danger but reports have it that someone is actually selling these lands as if these are private properties and is making money by employing deceitful means and other illegal machinations at the expense of our people," Villafuerte added.

According to him, at least 20 families from Buhawi Village were threatened by the raging waters of the swollen river, thus his proposal for the settlers' relocation.

"Regardless of being illegal, it is (the council's) duty as the government to make sure that we protect them. We can protect their welfare by finding a more appropriate location where they safely build their homes and live with their family," Villafuerte said during Tuesday's regular session.

He proposed that investigation and public hearings be arranged by the City Council, which will have the participation of "authorities who have jurisdiction over Buhawi Village."

Councilor Teresita Mata-Marañon made a motion for Villafuerte's speech to be referred to the proper committee.

At least six barangays in Calinan District, part of the third congressional district in Davao City, were flooded due to heavy rains.

The areas where water rose heavily were at Perla Street, Bagobo Village, Purok 25, Teachers Village, Kalye Apiki, and Buhawi Village. (JCZ)