Monday July 23, 2018

A day for mothers

WHO are we without our mothers? It is a universal understanding that mothers make the world a better place.

They are our guidance counselor, our chef, our critic, our number one fan, our nurse, our teacher, our partners in crime, our boss, our defender, our friend and everything. Without doubt, she is our all. With her unconditional love, she made sacrifices that no one can equal.

No wonder that flowers are top of mind when we are asked to think of mothers. They are beauty personified, even though their hands may be gnarled with work and age. Yes, mothers may have their own ways of showing their love but no one can question what they can do for their children. They are warriors, they are heroes.

Today, we celebrate the love of all our mothers, biological or not, for their unrivaled love and sacrifices. Let's show how happy and thankful we are of having them, of being raised by them. Last week, in #SunStarAsks on our social media account, we asked our followers to answer this question: How grateful are you of your mom? We chose the top five and we're sharing them with you.

During my elementary years, when my father lost his job, my Mama Nene, a manicurista, held the family together. Though she also needed to take care of her parents, I never heard her complain. She saved money (with her little alkansiya) just to have something to give me when I entered High School in the city. My three sisters finished high school in the province through hard work -- through manicure, her small sari sari store, and taking out loans from friends/suki that she faithfully paid for years. God has been so gracious to my family for sustaining and enabling her to be a strong, loving and faithful mother.Jinky Rayo

Happy Mother's Day to my mother! Three days ago, she kept on reminding me mother's day is happening soon. How can I forget? My mother might not be the perfect mother but she tried really hard to raise 10 children the best way she can. Whatever she does, her children come first. One thing is certain, I couldn't be like you Mama Maging! Both of you (Papa) did a great job to your children! Hats off to my mother! Job well done... LONG LIVE! We love you. – Irene James

Words are not enough to describe the appreciation I have for my mother. My mom was honest to me when she told me that she never wanted or imagined to have kids in the first place (and if she did, she wanted a boy). At the age of 28 she had my brother and three years later she had me. Having kids never stopped her from working hard and pursuing the life she wanted. On a side note, My dad was an active duty service member for 23 years and now a merchant marine. Which only meant, he is not always physically there to be with my mom. My mom would tell me how she's been doing things on her own. Growing up, my mom was more physically there for me. My mother is a beautiful, strong, and independent woman. She will drop anything for her kids and those she loves. And I’m more than happy that we have such a great mother-daughter relationship. I call my mother every day, after all, who is the best person to get advice from than the woman who raised you? There are two things I gained by being raised by such a strong woman: First, don’t stress because it’ll age you. Second, life goes on, just be strong and always have confidence in yourself. - Carmelia-Katrice Delosreyes Buen-Cabungcal

My Mama Ging is a dialysis patient for seven years now. We go to the dialysis center twice a week for her session. I have seen her struggles and pain, but what I admire in her the most is her unwavering faith that fuels strength and hope in the family. Every single day is already a miracle for us. And I am more than grateful of my mother for being the strongest person I know. Happy Mother's Day Mama Ging! We love you.