Thursday July 19, 2018

Warka's healing hands

ARTIST Kublai Millan described the experience as like acupuncture needles in his lower belly. Singer-composer described it like a ball of air that suddenly lurched up from her stomach, causing her to cry like a toddler stirring to wakefulness. Otherwise, his hand was just emitting warmth like from a square flat board.

Whatever it is, many attest to Warka Adala's healing powers such that he gets a steady stream in his healing garden in Zamboanga City and his clinic in Malate, Manila.

From May 14 to 15, he is in Davao City and is welcoming anyone who needs healing from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ponce Suites in Dona Vicenta Village, Bajada, Davao City.

And yes, he has been ridiculed a lot before, he is no longer bothered by unbelievers.

His calling card has these words from the Al Qur'an 36:82: "Be - and it is!"

It was in 1994 when he first discovered he had healing hands. He was already a full adult then; had been a teacher at the Mindanao State University Sulu Campus (MSU-Sulu) from 1980 to 1990, a chief of staff of an assemblyman of the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (Armm) for three years, and with absolutely no healer in his bloodline nor an inclination toward mysticism.

One thing that would strike you first when you meet him is that he does not have that messianic air that many who claim to be healer wears. He's just a regular guy but with an altruistic dream for all: Healing.

In 1993, the elected official he was serving lost in the election, and so he was left in limbo -- his friends opting to go back to Sulu, while he felt "left behind" not knowing what he wants to do. But that forced sabbatical also gave him time to read the Qur'an and celebrate the Ramadan with more fervor.

One day, as they sat down to eat after breaking the fast, his first wife got a chili pepper for their sauce and when he tasted this, he found it very hot and so he went out to drink water. Outside, he saw several apparitions occupying the whole sky, all reading a Bible. From the breaking of the fast to the sunset prayer, he said, the apparitions were standing in a column, and then before they disappeared, he saw a big book coming down from the sky and it felt like it went inside him.

From that moment, he said, whenever he closes his eyes it is as if he is in another dimension.

"Hallucination ba ito? Baliw na ba ako?" he asked, adding that even his relatives started to think he was going crazy.

His first patient was his mother-in-law in Cotabato, who had goiter.

"Ewan kung intuition ba 'yun, or was it by spiritual guidance," he said, but he just felt that he could help the old woman.

He placed his hand on his mother-in-law's throat and closed his eyes. "I saw a mountain that crumbled and shook and was pulverized," he said. Just like that, his mother-in-law was healed.

"Naghanap ako ng ibang relatives to heal," he said. That was when people were started laughing behind his back, especially because he would just lay his hand on the person he wants to heal, without any ritual nor need to fall into a trance.

He was enticed to read up more on spirituality and his healing hands when he chanced on a book at Booksale by Thomas Joseph Sugrue entitled “There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce.”

The book is the complete and original biography Cayce, the best-documented psychic in America. One other book that tapped into his spirituality was James Allen's “As a Man Thinketh.”

His readings made him try to understand better what it was he has. Thus, in November 2002, he sought out famed psychic Jaime Licauco to examine his hands.

In Licauco's article entitled, "A Muslim healer’s remarkable power" published in a national daily last March 08, 2016, he recalled how he witnessed Adala's healing powers in a healing conference Adala was asked to participate in 2002, and also how Licauco tested him again on the writer's friends and relatives, who had more serious ailments than the ones attending the healing conference. Of the 20 patients who came to Licauco's parental home in San Juan City in that year, only four did not experience relief. The cases included back pain, hernia, cysts on the breast, sore throat, blurring of vision, migraine, sinusitis, constipation, tendinitis, chest pains and hearing difficulty.

There were several other patients whom Licauco witnessed to have been healed by Adala. These include Catholic priests and nuns and medical practitioners.

In short, a highly-regarded psychic attests to Adala's healing powers, and his healing transcends religion and science.

His healing has afforded him a comfortable life, being able to provide for his eight children, seven of whom have all graduated from college with the youngest graduating in July. Just last April, his second to the last child graduated cum laude from Western Mindanao State University and was immediately hired by another university. He finds pride in them.

He admits that when he discovered the healing powers of his hands, he told his first wife that they will soon be rich. But he was quick to add that his idea of wealth was just being able to provide the needs of his family and not worry about tomorrow.

"I have so many children, if you will be dependent on your salary, then this will never be enough. My real meaning was not wealth itself, but that the basic things will all be given to you through this gift," he said.

The key is knowing what is within and growing from there.

"If you can't control your material desires, you will be alienated from your own power," he said when asked what he can offer as advice to all.

Looking back, he said, he has been helpful since he was a child.

"Maybe that's why I was given this gift, because I have been giving and giving. And when God the Almighty wills it, no one can undo it," he added.


Warka can be contacted through his mobile: (+63)916-408-0745 and (+63_917-708-5551. His residence is at the Baraka Healing Garden at Km. 15, Cullahan, Catumbal, Zamboanga City, and his office is at Unit 20 Rothman Hotel, Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila. His email is