Thursday August 16, 2018

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A word from OpenSignal

After my piece last week about the state of PH’s LTE, no less then OpenSignal’s CEO emailed to me to explain to me that the number of measurements that I noticed being significantly different from the previous report does not have any impact at the results.

I can confirm that the difference in data points between the two reports does not impact the results. From a data science perspective, the amount of data we analyze in the Philippines far exceeds universally recognized requirements for being "statistically significant." Therefore, a fluctuation in the total number of data points in no way impacts the results. The total number of measurements does have a relationship with the confidence intervals, i.e. the measure of the degree of exactness we can specify the results we report. Here, this is not a factor because we have more than enough data to quote the results very specifically, i.e. any fluctuations are so small as to be insignificant. (Emphasis mine.)

That’s a relief to know. And I quite appreciate it that OpenSignal’s CEO himself has reached out to help me understand things better. Thanks Brendan!

Durability Test: Huawei P20 Pro

Still on the fence about that awesomely insane brand new smartphone from Huawei because it might be easy to break? I found this YouTube video that you’d love (or hate) to watch. Not for the fainthearted though. The guy on the channel basically attempts at breaking the P20 Pro so that you’ll know how it can stand up to in the real world.

Ready for it? Here you go!

About the Samsung Galaxy S9

Still on the subject of smartphones, let me share with you this video of one of my fave tech channels on YouTube.