Tuesday August 21, 2018

De Leon: Working millennials: The politics you're more concerned with

AS MONDAY'S election went by just like any other day, many of us decided to dismiss it as a small-time political derby that is not worth making the trip to the precinct for. This may not apply to everyone but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Especially if you're like my friend Chris who is pulling his own weight everyday to climb the ladder. But at the end of day, feels burned out. Thanks to the politics under his nose!

I do understand that depending on the nature of work, there are heaps and different black and white requirements that must be completed for that sought-after promotion.

But regardless of where you're coming from, there's a life-hack that needs to be done if you want to stand out.

Just like any other elections, promotion doesn’t rest solely on one hand, especially if you are in a big organization. The boss of your boss will need to sign your promotion. The boss of the boss of your boss will likely need to nod too. More so, human resource folks will likely join the deliberation league.

So ask yourself: How much do these guys know about you? These things are silently significant because a good management decides largely on anecdotes, stories, and memories people remember.

Thus, see to it that your presence and visibility are being felt, consistently. Yes, it sucks to "create your stage" so people can "watch your show." But human connection plays a big role here. It does not matter if you're insanely good at something. You won’t be able to make the biggest impact possible if no one knows about you. It's like finding water in a desert but no one else is around to tell.

You don’t need to spread your feathers like a peacock to get yourself known, but it's taking a proactive move to engage them when the moment is apt. Those cafeteria and elevator chats, every email and meeting should never be underestimated.

However, some people will do whatever it takes to bury you and steal your thunder just like real-life “Hunger Games,” so you need to back everything up with solid output results.

Does it sound unfair? Yes it is. And again, such is life. Can't take the politics and the show? Then probably your work isn't for you, which doesn't mean you're wrong or less of a person. But to get something you deserve, sometimes you have to show and shout it out to the universe for it to conspire.

Stay active until our next chat!


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