Friday August 17, 2018

Catajan: Cleansing

DEEP cleanse is good for anything.

An hour and a half in my neighborhood laundry shop does wonders for the soul as it promises new life to soiled clothes and linen.

You may or may not come in prepared with laundry receptacles, detergent, bleach and fabric conditioner, the shop will have the supplies available for you at a slightly higher price tailored for the forgetful.

With supplies at hand, you may venture onto the contraptions Filipinos, a decade back, just saw in the movies.

The high tech washer and dryer. Like the one in the movies.

At the comfort of the laundry shop, you could do your own washing without the hassle of using a pail or a hose. You don’t even have to get your hands wet.

So you idyllically sit back and kill time pretending to look at the wash cycle, look at your phone or watch other people fold their laundry.

For the past weeks, I have been violently roused from slumber by blaring megaphones and recorded messages broadcast over faulty a sound system bankrolled by the candidates for barangay positions in my village.

Being awakened in this way is no way pleasurable.

As I went out of my humble abode, my mailbox [yes, the physical one, not the virtual inbox we have grew accustomed to] is full to the brim with cheaply printed flyers which have faded by the time I get a hold of them.

As I walked to take public transport, I notice a sea of campaign material posted on the gates of willing neighbors, who would turn the material into their next tent or car cover.

Today, the farce is done. No more blaring campaign in the early morning and hopefully the righteous prevailed.

No more materials scattered, nothing inside my mailbox, no one waiting to smile at me at the village store.

It is all quiet. Like laundry being done, the hustle of the barangay election is over.

We have 1,368 polling centers region wide and an expected 941,515 regular voters and 340,023 Sangguniang Kabataan or youth council voters.

There were 66 arrested for violation of the liquor ban in Baguio and Benguet, two who violated the ammunition regulation act, three cases of vote buying in Abra and Ifugao and a lone reported case of political harassment also in Abra.

Did we just cleanse?