Tuesday August 21, 2018

Pacya: From micro to large co-op in 2 year time

THIS is the best example on the effect of merging. From the three ailing cooperatives and association of Bokod, here comes now a greater and reincarnated co-op to stand for the betterment of its members.

The merging of Bokod Agricultural and Fishery Coop, Tikey Multi-purpose Cooperative and the Barangay Power Association prompted the Department of Agrarian Reform to help the co-op in completing the mandatory training requirements of the first set of officers and staff. The trainings conducted are fundamentals of cooperatives and governance and management of cooperatives.

The Cooperative Development Officers of Benguet were in awe on the incredible performance of Bokod Sulphur Spring Multipurpose Cooperative (BSSMC) during their annual meeting at the municipality of Bokod. The ever bubbly and dedicated Patrick Alcedo of Itogon heads the association of the officers. The cooperative officers hold their meetings in the different municipalities of Benguet to see the status of cooperatives and share its best practices in every town.

Nicolas Wales, the designated Municipal Coop Development Officer (MCDO), together with the BSSMC manager Betty Calawa revealed that the cooperative registered under the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in 2014 but its operation only started in March of 2015 with three multi-tasking employees.

With its starting asset of P717,000, it ballooned to a whopping P54,602,717 in 2016. From micro, the coop hopped to medium category.

It doubled its asset to P112,594,367.61 in 2017. This made it to become a large and I believe one of the fastest growing co-ops in Cordillera.

There must be something exceptional about the officers, the management staff and its members as a whole. It is no joke to have this kind of remarkable improvement.

During my interview with the manager, one of the success factors of the cooperative is the diversified and expanded services that it offers to members. Members also keep on going back to avail of the services and products of the co-op because of accessibility and high patronage refund and interest rates.

Some of the various services of the cooperative include online services, loans and savings deposits, provision of meat products through their meat shop and sale of agricultural inputs. At present, the cooperative has three (3) branches and one (1) satellite office with forty-seven (47) employees carrying its banner ‘Together we start, grow and succeed’.

I am hoping to see this co-op to have strong tie with the local government unit especially that Honorable Mayor Thomas Wales recently designated an MCDO. The partnership between LGUs and the coop sector is very important in the achievement of a progressive society.

BSSMC continues to envision to being the best, efficient, sustainable and progressive cooperative, dedicated and committed in bringing prosperity towards transformation to its members and the community.

The meeting of the cooperative officers completed with a visit to the main office of the co-op. The forever down-to-earth CDA Regional Director Atty. Franco Bawang, Jr. joined the MCDOs in touring around the facility of BSSMC.

Kudos to all the hard-working staff and officers! Onsige-siged koma pay itha koop jo.