Tuesday August 14, 2018

Valley to utilize shredding machines

BAGUIO. To lessen the volume of garbage in the municipality of La Trinidad and expand the cell life of the engineered sanitary landfill, the local government is keen on providing shredder machines to every barangays. (Milo Brioso)

LA TRINIDAD Valley is taking huge steps to lessen its garbage.

The Benguet capital town is pushing for the utilization of shredders that turn garbage into small pieces within the different barangays.

“The shredding machine gears to lessen the volume of the garbage and further expand the life of cell of the Alno Engineered Sanitary Landfill,” Mayor Romeo Salda said after a demonstration was conducted to test the capability of the shredders.

A total of three shredders was previously given to barangays Poblacion and Tawang amounting to P700,000 each and Alapang worth P600,000 provided by the local government.

Tested last Thursday, the shredders can have pulverized plastics, coconut husks, and styrofoam including non-biodegradable materials which is operated either by gasoline or electricity.

During the demonstration, a total of 19.5 kilograms of non-biodegradable materials where shredded within 24 minutes.

Municipal Accountant Henson Golocan said during a site visit in Laguna where the shredders are originally made, one shredder can accommodate one ton for eight hours.

Another type of machine can also accommodate five tons for every eight hours but pricier.

Another three shredders have been ordered for Puguis, Wangal and Bahong, added Golocan.

Barangay Alapang Captain Rolando Leon claimed they are collecting a total of 10 to 15 kilograms of plastics every fourth Sunday of the month as they utilized the shredded plastics for landscaping purpose, flower pots and beautification of the barangay voluntarily conducted by women and senior citizens.

Through an approved ordinance, Leon mentioned the collected plastic are in exchange of groceries such as packed noodles and can goods. The barangay also attempted to incorporate the shredded material mixed with sand and cement to turn into hollow blocks.

La Trinidad’s Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office noted a total of 30 tons of non-biodegradable materials every day.

On May 1, the municipality also fully implemented the plastic ban ordinance regulating the use of plastic in the town.

Salda added for the upcoming months, they will see the total impact of the ordinance and further use this as deciding factor to avail for another shredder machine.