Friday August 17, 2018

DIY vs package tour: Which one is better?

TRAVEL season is still not over and one of the common questions that I get from my friends is that which one is the best option: a DIY travel or a tour guided travel?

So for this week’s column, we are going to break down some points for both options to give you a clearer view on which one to choose for your next travel adventure.

DIY tour

Spontaneity at its best

DIY tour gives you the liberty to be spontaneous and go on an adventure during your trip as you just go with the flow. This also opens the door to discovering new things far from the typical touristy ones.

You are in control

Another good thing about do-it-yourself is that you are in full control of your own itinerary so you can choose whether to start early or late. You also get to explore places at your own pace unlike the time-bounded packaged tours.

Budget friendly

The best thing on why I always choose DIY tours most of the time is that I can really go on full #TipidMode when travelling. You can commute from one place to another, get to explore places, and eat yummy food minus the overpriced fees.

Package tour

Convenient and hassle-free

With package tours, everything is already planned out for you, from transportation, accommodation and down to itinerary which are really the crucial things when travelling. Package tour takes away those planning hassles for you and all you have to do is just relax and enjoy your travel.

You get to meet new faces

Some tour agencies usually combine solo and group travelers into one big group or they offer a join-in tour. This gives you the opportunity to meet new faces and make friends who also share the same love for travel.

Everything is paid for you

Compared to DIY travel where you need to track and make payments yourself, package tours does all the paying for you. The only thing sometimes that you need to pay for during these tours is only your meals.

To sum it all up, choosing whether to go for a DIY tour or a tour agency clearly depends on what you in for during your travel: are you into comfort or adventure? Or are you into saving or splurging? Either of the two will help you make a choice. For me it usually depends on the place that I am going to visit if it’s quite far and commuting may be a challenge I would choose a tour but if transportation is not an issue then I would definitely go for a DIY.

Extra note: always do your research. When taking a DIY tour, read about the places and do a rough list of the places that you want to explore. When going for a package tour, on the other hand, always read the reviews of travel agencies before booking your travel. With this, you get to maximize the fun in your travel and also what you pay for.

All the best for your next adventure!


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