BACOLOD City-based call center Teletech Costumer Management Center-Philippines has set to undertake charity works on Saturday and Sunday for the Haiti quake victims, involving some fatalities from the Philippines.

The voluntary activity for all agents will raise financial donations as assistance for the victims of the recent magnitude 7 earthquake that rocked the Caribbean-country of Haiti.

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Numerous call center agents, who will be on day off on weekend has already volunteered to go on an eight-hour shift, taking in calls from the people of the United States who would want to offer assistance to the victims.

Teletech's team leader Harlon Canillas said, the cause would be so meaningful for the site, knowing that there are lots of people in Haiti who needs medical and food assistance.

"This is the best and right way to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake," said Canillas. "Though we're quite far from Haiti, we can show them that we really do care about the current situation there by taking in calls from any donors to raise funds for them," he added.

The management, as of Wednesday, is still waiting for tools and the systems from the mother office in the US that would be used in getting financial donations from the Americans through phones and bank accounts.

All of the donations will be sent to Haiti, a circular report from the head office of Teletech-Philippines said.

Last January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake hit the French-speaking nation, sending many buildings, houses, infrastructures, and human lives into ruins.

At least 50, 000 casualties are seen towards the first day of retrieval operations made by military forces from many countries, including the Philippines.

It can be noted that Teletech Bacolod also participated in gathering donations when the country was hampered by Typhoon Ondoy, causing the most of Metro Manila to submerge into the feet-high flood that killed hundreds and left thousands homeless and hopeless.

The site management expresses their thankfulness to all agents who volunteered to devote their rest days in working for Haiti quake victims, saying, "we can't just sit and watch as thousands die everyday for lacks of foods and medication. It's time to help", they said.