Thursday August 16, 2018

Nalzaro: Loot’s ambush: politics or drugs?

WE are too judgmental. Just because he was not killed during the attempt on his life, some quarters laughed off and dismissed the incident involving retired police general and now Daanbantayan Mayor Vicente Loot Jr.

Loot, his wife, Malou, stepson Sun Shimura and grandchildren were strafed by masked armed men after their boat docked at the New Maya wharf in barangay Maya last Sunday morning. The family just arrived from Malapascua Island, which is part of Daanbantayan town, after attending a fiesta.

Two drivers, a nanny (yaya) and a porter were injured during the incident. Loot was unscathed. The gunmen, armed with long firearms, escaped from the crime scene on board motorcycles.

Some quarters called it stage-managed. But if it was a “moro-moro,” what can Loot get out of it? Publicity? Does he need that?

We don’t believe his story because he is alive, which is is very unfair to Loot and his family.

Loot had no bodyguards at that time. If the gunmen were really determined to get him, they could have done it easily. They could have approached the family, poked their guns at them shot Loot alone, then sped away. Had Vic carried a firearm that time, he could have engaged in a fight with the gunmen. But it could have been very bloody with innocent people caught in the crossfire.

Every head of the family thinks of his family’s safety. No foolish father would do something that can jeopardize the lives and safety of his hildren. That is also in my prayers. If somebody, for whatever reason, wants to kill me, I ask them to spare my family. Members of Loot’s family are innocent of the “sins” committed by him, if there are any.

We don’t know the intention and motive of the gunmen and why they did not finish off Loot. Maybe they also had a “soft heart” or were being bothered by their conscience upon seeing that Loot was with his family.

What is the motive? If we talk of politics, which is the theory floated by Loot, we can point our accusing fingers at his political rival in his town, the Corro family. but it is also unfair to accuse the family without any concrete evidence linking them to the incident. I don’t know the background of the Corro family, or if they are capable of doing such evil thing just because of politics.

I was informed that the Corro family is a family of professionals. Agusto “Ato” Corro, the political archrival of Loot, is the brother of Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza and Atty. Liza Corro, the president of the University of the Philippines Cebu campus.

What about Loot tagged as being a drug protector by no less than the president himself? Well, that is a big possibility. Loot is one of those mentioned by the president in his narco-politics list. But he was never charged.

The present administration is really determined to eliminate those involved in alleged illegal drug trade. Several drug lords and their cohorts have already been eliminated through extra-judicial killings. Is Loot in the list? Just asking.