Tuesday August 14, 2018

Polls ‘bring down’ volume of city’s garbage

‘Only ten tons.’ Countless campaign materials and sample ballots may have littered Cebu City’s streets last Monday, but if you ask a City Hall official, there was actually much less garbage collected in the city on Election Day than on ordinary days. (SunStar Foto/Alex Badayos)

CEBU City generated only 10 tons of garbage on Election Day last Monday.

In a phone interview yesterday, Department of Public Services (DPS) chief Roberto Cabarrubias said most of the trash collected were sample ballots and campaign materials made of paper.

DPS collects an average of 600 tons of garbage in the city daily.

Cabarrubias said the collection last Monday is lower compared to the average volume of trash collected daily because most of the wastes collected were made of paper.

On regular days, the bulk of the garbage they collect are mixed, resulting in a higher volume.

Cabarrubias said the lower volume of garbage could be due to the fact that the working population in the city was distributed in the provinces as workers went home to their provinces to cast their votes.

“It may look like there was plenty of garbage on Election Day, but they’re mostly paper that’s why it was only 10 tons. Believe it or not, the bulk of the wastes we collected were paper and food wastes. We had to use only two compactor trucks with a capacity of five tons each,” he explained.

He added that the garbage collection focused on the urban area because most schools were designated as clustered precincts, meaning one school is shared by two or more barangays.

According to Cabarrubias, Barangays Kalubihan, Mambaling, Basak Pardo, San Antonio, Pasil, San Nicolas Proper, Ermita, Lahug, Luz, Kamputhaw and Capitol Site are among the villages that generated the highest volume of garbage.

In these areas, campaign materials and sample ballots were littered within and outside the polling precincts.

Around 125 DPS street cleaners were deployed to clean the city’s streets.

They started collecting at 10 p.m. last Monday. They had to stop, though, and resumed at 5 a.m. the following day since the electoral board in some polling precincts were still canvassing the ballots.

Cabarrubias said the streets were already free of trash by 9 a.m. yesterday. (RTF)