Wednesday July 18, 2018

Granada village chief retains post

Re-elected Barangay Granada chieftain Alfredo Talimodao Jr. (center) and the winning kagawads

THE people of Barangay Granada, Bacolod City have re-elected Punong Barangay Alfredo Talimodao, Jr., and four of his Kagawads.

Talimodao scored 6,145 votes while his challenger, Dino Yanson, garnered 2,947 votes.

Elected barangay kagawads were Gerson Nietes, Conrado Carpen, Raymond Alunan, Geraldine Ramos, Alfredo Balcera, Eljohn Castaño, and Jose Sayson.

Four allies of Talimodao in the barangay council were Nietes, Carpen, Ramos, and Balcera.

Nietes is he uncle of World Boxing Champion Donnie "Ahas" Nietes.

Talimodao thanked his constituents for giving him a fresh mandate.

"I still have unfinished goals and projects for Barangay Granada. We will deliver what we have outlined for our people,” he said.

Some of the accomplishments of the village include Best Anti-Rabies Program Implementer for 2018 in Region 6, Best Performing Barangay in 2017, Best in Nutrition Scholar in 2017 and Best in Nutrition Program for 2017.