Monday July 23, 2018

Sharon to Gabby's camp: I don't need you

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion in their McDonalds advertisement.

SHARON Cuneta alluded to the “power-tripping” of the management of ex-husband Gabby Concepcion in a social media comment.

Remember the McDonald’s commercial that featured Cuneta and Concepcion over three months ago?

It was supposed to be the start of talks for a reunion movie for the exes. Unfortunately, nothing came to fruition, and the 52-year-old Mega Star is seemingly putting a period on the project.

The Philippine Entertainment Portal (Pep) snapped the comment Cuneta made in the Instagram account of The Sharon Generation, which is a Cuneta fan club.

“Just for the record, I agreed to his requested billing,” said Cuneta, referring to her 53-year-old former husband. “I really didn’t care. What I cared about was that this, what he called our ‘legacy’ to KC, would be done. FOR HER.”

She said that the problem was not with her, but she felt like her professionalism was being taken for granted by Concepcion’s management. “Wala sa akin ang problema (The problem is not with me). They can lie and make up all the stories they want. But I was willing to do it and swallow what was left of my pride for KC,” Cuneta continued, referring to daughter KC Concepcion. “My life’s work and name will never mean more to me than KC. But I can’t do the movie when my schedule and professionalism are constantly toyed with.”

The actress was also fed up that articles written about the project’s doom constantly blamed her for it.

“So never mind what ‘legacy’ was supposed to be for KC. I said yes to all demands na.

Pero sobra naman ang power-tripping ng mga tao (But the power-tripping of these people is too much). Not worth it.

Ilang beses na ako na-offend (I’ve been offended too many times). Why naman will I allow it?” Cuneta said. She also revealed to Pep that she has officially resigned from the project with Concepcion.

She doesn’t need him to earn money anyway.

“Two decades tayo na-bless ng husto nang wala sila. Isipin ba ng mga feeling na ako pa maghahabol ngayon (I have been blessed for two decades without them. To think they make me feel like I’m the one chasing them)? WHY?!” Cuneta also said.