Wednesday July 18, 2018

Wabe: Never too late to pursue your passion

NO ONE is ever too old to learn something new or chase their dreams. If you’ve ever dreamt of changing careers, you’re most certainly not alone. There are many others out there who have made a big switch in careers much later in life to pursue their passions. Don’t feel down about heading back to the salt-mine in your not-really-a-dream-job, but instead, plan well so you can eventually take the plunge to leave. Never say never!

Soxy Esma was in that predicament a couple of years ago. She was stuck in a rut after working for 16 years as both marketing and accounting personnel in Mapfre insurance. She had stayed loyal to the company since her college graduation, and she was raring to get the chance to make a career switch to become a makeup artist. She has always loved make-up, even as a little girl, but she doubted if she could make a good career out of it.

Soxy said: “I was afraid to leave the comforts of my job and the security it provided me. I have one daughter who relied on me. I cannot afford to make wrong decisions because it will impact her too. I was doing fairly well in the company, but to be honest, the job was redundant and boring. Actually, after a decade working there, I was ready to move on elsewhere. But I was just too scared!”

I had a chance to speak with Soxy when she did my hair and makeup, along with my very good friend Joy Co, for a birthday party we attended. She was recommended by long time client and friend, Weena Adelante. I was impressed with Soxy’s punctuality and professionalism. She came complete with her makeup case, lights, and hair paraphernalia. She spent a lot of time with Joy and me to ensure that we were picture-perfect for our party. I never felt like she was rushing to finish and get things over and done with. Most of all, her pricing is super reasonable.

What struck me the most about her was the lightness of her hands and her excited chatter about how she landed in this beauty industry. I could see from the sparkle in her eyes as she blended colors in her metal palette that she loves what she’s doing. She affirmed that she feels the happiest when her clients are happy. It is a different kind of fulfillment when they look at themselves all jazzed up in the mirror. Her main goal is to enhance the beauty of her clients.

On top of all those, I was even more awestruck when Soxy later shared that she has only been in the industry for 2 years and spent another 2 years prior studying in beauty schools. With the way she moved and performed, I honestly thought she has been in the makeup industry for ages. Her story proves that it is never too late for anyone’s dreams to flourish, prosper, and come into fruition.

Soxy, now 42 years old, said she traded the insurance numbers for makeup brushes when she resigned almost 4 years ago. She shared: “My husband, Cerile, has actually been telling me for many years to resign already. He told me to leave and start my own business para hawak ko ang oras ko. He told me not to be scared because he will back me up. He has a pretty good job as a VP in Chowking. But even then, it took me many more years before I finally found the courage to tender my resignation.”

This passionate makeup artist said after praying for it, she finally realized she had reached her peak at her desk job. There was no more future or no room for growth. She was already burnt out and it was time to start chasing her real love—hair and makeup. Of course, she never discounts all the things she experienced while being in an office. She is thankful to them for what she learned, which now helps her in managing her business.

Soxy noted that her resignation felt as if it was all part of God’s master plan—“Imagine, when I resigned, I found out that my daughter was having mild depression. Naka-fulltime mom pa ako sa kanya for a bit and I was able to get her the help she needed. Perfect timing talaga! Later on, when things were settled, I was able to study here at the Mindanao satellite campus of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. And much later, I was able to go to High Definition Makeup Studio and Academy in Ortigas, Manila.”

After all the uncertainties, Soxy was finally able to reach a happy plane. She feels as if God was the one who gave her the will to let go of her fears; and in doing so, she found a better purpose in life. Soxy became a good role model to her own child who sees her happy pursuing what she loves. In addition, being an instrument to give other people confidence motivates her to do better in her craft. Now, it is not just about earning money for herself, but it is also about helping other people find happiness.

When facing a big shift in life, there will always be people who will criticize and doubt your abilities; you may even doubt them yourself. When negativity is pulling you down and telling you to give up, shut it up with your truth and fight it with your passion. It really takes a lot of courage to pursue what your heart desires because of threats to your comfort zone. The important thing is to embrace the challenges. Possible failure is indeed daunting but don’t let it stop you from giving it your best shot. The biggest regret in the future is asking yourself why you didn’t even try. Follow your passions and soar high!

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