Wednesday July 18, 2018

Taking the lead on a major project

LEADING a real estate project has never been an easy task. It requires patience, creativity, perseverance and resilience.

But for someone who is always on the look for challenges and opportunities, Gerald Kent Garces, took the call to spearhead an ambitious project, Matina Enclaves of Esdevco, as project director.

Moving and shaking the real estate industry for around 23 years, he takes every project seriously with one ultimate goal: make clients happy and satisfied.

"For any commodity to be sustainable, consumers must be able to enjoy and benefit from it. This is similar to real estate. If we end up creating satisfied and happy customers, then we have a bright future of having projects that are relevant and patronized. I have followed this principle and has since then brought a certain level of success in all of my projects. I'm after sustainability, this is more lasting," he said.

Garces entered the industry as young as 21 after graduating in Ateneo de Manila University in 1995.

Starting young, Garces shared, patience and commitment are two important things he learned. He first joined Landco where he was heavily exposed to business development work. This has influenced his approach with all the projects he handled.

"Throughout my 23 years of real estate exposure, engaged in project planning and implementation, more confidence is actually derived by my desire to serve not only my principals, but more importantly those clients who have placed their trust through their investments," he said.

The 44-year old project director also mentioned that he learned a plethora of values and lessons in the industry but what stands out most is respecting the process which means no shortcuts in earning his employers trust and confidencem

Having to lead big projects, Garces said, supervising a group of people with different personalities and capabilities is but a tough assignment.

For him, leadership is the ability to set the direction where you can lead the rest of the team.

"A common language which all can commit themselves to is imperative. This will also enable me to bridge the variables. This however imbibes great responsibility and accountability not only with work but for my team. I must be able to lay the platform for everyone to succeed in their endeavor. Whether this is a product of my own mentoring or thru assisted learning is secondary. What I feel is more important is that I have become instrumental with ones growth as an individual and as a professional," he said.

Just like any project, challenges are inevitable.

Being with the local developer, he said,the biggest challenge is the task to cope with the public expectation.

"Concerns related to project implementation like competition, construction, sales, finance, manpower and the like are common among all developers. But Esdevco has always been resilient and able to uniquely address the obstacles. As a local developer, the advantage of having a simpler approving process has also helped us to be responsive," he shared.

He added that he wants to develop more projects with Esdevco.

Young and enthusiastic, Garces believes that he still has a long way to learn more on the industry, but with his decades-long experience and open mind, it sure is he'll become more of what he is today.