Monday July 23, 2018

Local food tripping at Bluewater Maribago in Mactan, Cebu

THERE’S no reason for you to step out of the resort. If you’re on a vacation enjoy every minute of it. Forget the malls, skip the shopping, do away with the city tour because the reason why you chose to head to the beach is to get away from the urban jungle where you work and perhaps, where you live as well.

“Why we built our buildings no higher than two floors? We want our guests close to the sand,” said Eric Mansanto, the Bluewater Maribago’s marketing manager.

Everything you need is right before you especially when you’re at this Mactan, Cebu resort. You have the sun, the white sand, the blue sea, the verdant foliage to embrace you and the fresh air.

Oh, you need to go on a food tour of local Cebuano fare? Bluewater Maribago will make that happen for you—without stepping out of the resort.

The next best thing to getting a tan in the resort is the food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between main meals, they have something to excite you palate.

Let’s start with breakfast at the resort’s main restaurant, Allegro, which is open 24 hours. Aside from the Asian and American staples on the buffet table, there are the Cebu must-haves, which includes the crispy dangit and pusit.

Unlike other hotel resorts, you won't find this pair on the chafing dish. They do serve it but you have to request for it. This way you get to enjoy this local delicacy hot and crispy—and you can have as many servings as you want.

Another local must-have from the buffet is the yummy trio of sikwate, puto bungbong and the native bibingka. It's been a while since I had these sweet treats.

Lunch is best enjoyed at the seashore feasting on fresh catch. The Cove is the resort’s open air, seaside restaurant where you can have your picks from the live fish aquariums. Can’t choose? Ask for the bestsellers—Imbao shell soup, steamed Lapu-Lapu with oriental sauce and steamed lobster. Have a hearty meal while basking in the view of the private island across and the open sea beyond.

Delfino’s will get you through your craving for Italian food. Yep, brick oven-baked pizzas and pastas dishes can be your lunch, afternoon snack, supper or after dinner munch.

I know you want something Cebuano therefore let me recommend the native chorizo pizza. The distinctive flavor of the chorizo bits generously topping a bed of fresh tomato-smothered crispy pizza dough is delicious!

It’s Italian made local.

Suppers at this resort are something to look forward to. Nightly at Allegro’s al fresco dining area a themed dinner happens. Thursday night is like walking through Cebu’s famous food haunts and having a bite of the local street food offerings—in a more convenient way. Served are barbecue fare ala Dodong J’s Larsian, Cebu lechon and Carcar puso ala Nanay Maling Inasal, and fishballs ala Delia’s.

Had enough? If you haven't or maybe you missed the last order at any of the restaurants remember that Allegro is a 24-hour resto. Dining alone in some dimly lit corner is not an option, order room service and enjoy a bestseller—the cheeseburger— in the cool comforts of your room while watching a favorite film on TV.

Next time you need to escape from the urban madness, give Bluewater Maribago a shot. It will be time well spent.

Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort is in Buyong Maribago, Mactan Island Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu. Visit their website at

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