Friday August 17, 2018

Bzzzzz: Labella still has to get used to hurling insults

TODDLER STEPS? Cebu City Vice Mayor Edgar Labella apparently still has to learn the gall required to hurl a politician’s insult. Either that or he’s just making it appear he’s a toddler in making the moves.

Examples from a talk on radio:

[] VM Edgar said “Kawat Island,” referring to Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s current project, then hastily corrected himself, “It’s Kawit, a slip of the tongue.” Even Tagalogs understand “kawat” and use that and “kawatan” to refer to theft and thief.

[] He laughed over the information from dyCM host Jason Monteclar that Edgar’s colleagues in Barug-PDP Laban have called Tomas “commissioner” but the VM carefully avoided coming out as an active heckler.

Faced against Tomas who unleashes insults with skill and gusto, Edgar will present a striking contrast for 2019 voters.

‘Non-partisan’ polls

UNHOLY TIES. Exposing the hypocrisy of the barangay elections being non-partisan is that those who won, say in Cebu City, were immediately identified as to party affiliation. BOPK dominated with 49 winners while Barug-PDP Laban trailed with 31, an edge of 18 or 61.25% of the total 80 seats.

It’s supposed to be non-partisan but neither candidate nor his politician patron hides the unholy ties because there’s no punishment against violation, not the endorsement, fund dole outs or claim of victory.

The “non-partisan” ABC head and SK Federation chief will soon join the City Council and like puppets vote on the political patron’s tugging of strings.

China’s protection

NO QUALIFIER. President Rodrigo Duterte said that China President Xin Jiping assured him he wouldn’t allow the Filipino leader to be ousted before the end of his term.

What would President Xin do if that would happen: send Chinese troops to the Philippines and destroy our institutions?

Duterte could only be removed by lawful and constitutional means. The Chinese assurance, however, seems to cover everything, not being qualified and with no thought of our sovereignty.