Friday August 17, 2018

Neighbor hacks man to death

A 41-year-old man was hacked to death in Barangay Doldol, Dumanjug last Tuesday dawn.

The fatality was identified as Francisco Montemayor, a resident in the village. He was found lifeless by his brother Mario.

PO2 Silvestre Zulueta Jr., in a phone interview, said that Montemayor’s head was almost decapitated.

“Grabe gyod og kalagot ang nagpatay niya (His killer was mad at him),” Zulueta said.

The alleged killer, who is Montemayor’s neighbor Cesar Lañojan, tried to escape, but he was caught Tuesday afternoon by the police who pursued him.

Cock derby

Lañojan admitted to the police that he was mad at the victim for his failure to give him the part of their win in a cock derby.

Before he was found dead around 1 a.m., Montemayor was drinking with his two brothers and their friends last Monday night when the liquor ban was still in effect for the barangay and youth elections.

Montemayor was left behind when they were done. He slept on a bamboo bench by the roadside.

Zulueta said the crime possibly happened after the drinking spree last Monday night or past midnight last Tuesday.

Mario later checked on his brother. He was shocked upon seeing his bloodied brother.

He reported the incident to the police station past 1:30 p.m.

Lañojan will face a murder complaint before the provincial prosecutor’s office. (KAL)