Thursday August 16, 2018

Lakan at Mutya pageant molds youth

PAMPANGA. City of San Fernando Mayor Edwin Santiago, Vice-Mayor Jimmy Lazatin, Councilor Harvey Quiwa and Mutya at Lakan Ning San Fernando 2018 chairman Alex Magsino join the candidates during the press presentation and swimwear competition at SM San Fernando Downtown Wednesday, May 16. (Chris Navarro)

“MORE than just a beauty pageant, the annual Lakan at Mutya Ning San Fernando also serves as platform to mold Fernandino youth into a better versions of themselves,” said Vice Mayor Jimmy Lazatin of the City of San Fernando.

Lazatin stressed that the Lakan at Mutya ning San Fernando is not centered merely on showcasing the beauty of Fernandino youth, but also develops their character and personality.

“Our Lakan at Mutya pageant is more than just a showcase of the beauty and physique of our candidates. We also aim to develop their character and personality, to boost their self-esteem and their morale,” he said during the Lakan at Mutya Ning San Fernando swimwear competition and press presentation at SM Wednesday afternoon, May 16.

By doing such, Lazatin said that Fernandino youth will become more encouraged in excelling in their education and career and in turn, benefit their families, community and the whole of the city.

Quoting the city’s “Fernandino First” tagline, Lazatin said that the city government is always focused on developing and upgrading the lives of its citizens through various multi-faceted programs.

During the event, 12 gentlemen and 12 ladies vying for the Lakan at Mutya ning San Fernando titles sizzled in their swimsuit attires and showcased their wit in answering questions from mediamen.

The candidates took their time in sharing their thoughts about current events, including the governance of President Rodrigo Duterte, their advocacies and planned programs should they win the pageant titles, as well as their views on the progress experienced in their home city.

In his speech, Mayor Edwin Santiago also lauded the candidates for taking the challenge of participating in the annual competition.

“You are the symbol of courageous Fernandinos who wanted to showcase their guts and boon for everyone to see. Win or lose, we hope that you will represent your fellow Fernandino youth and the City of San Fernando in everything that you will do,” he said.

He also expressed his hope that all candidates will participate in the vision to make this capital a green, smart and sustainable and one of most liveable cities in the country.