Friday August 17, 2018

Sungduan: Harana music

FILIPINO-CANADIANS in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada continue to promote our very own music Harana including our unique culture through presentations.

This is through a choir formed by professional musician Leander Mendoza which also aims to bring awareness on the disease pulmonary fibrosis to the community of Filipinos and Canadians in the country.

One of the members of the group, Cheryl Anne Songgadan-Ducusin who traces her roots in Karikitan, Apayao said she immediately joined the choir after being invited by Mendoza since it is an opportunity for them to promote our rich Filipino culture and cultural heritage.

Ducusin who also works as a nurse in Halifax also said that she was also motivated to be part of the group because of its advocacy to help.

The choir is currently preparing for their concert dubbed “An Evening of Philippine Music” on June 2 at St. Andrews United Church, Halifax.

The proceeds of the concert will be donated to the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

Ducusin said if the concert becomes a success, this will lead into the forming of a real choir that will be composed of men and women willing to promote the Filipino culture through music.

It is good to know that many Filipinos abroad continue to be proud of their own heritage and re-connecting to their roots. Let us value our own culture wherever we are.

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