Friday August 17, 2018

Moreno: `Let’s make Oro drug-free city’


MAYOR Oscar Moreno on Wednesday, May 16, called for unity among the new set of village and youth council officials in the city, especially in making Cagayan de Oro “free” from the menace of illegal drugs.

Moreno said cooperation among barangay officials and the city government is important, pointing out that barangay leaders play a crucial role as they are the ones working on the ground.

Moreno said the fight against illegal drugs should defy political colors.

"The support of the barangay officials and the community towards making our city drug-free is very crucial as the fight against drugs defies political colors," he said.

"We cannot do it alone. We really need your support in order for us to succeed in our fight against illegal drugs.”

The city, with 80 barangays, has elected over 1,000 barangay and youth officials.

But it looks like barangay officials will be bent on supporting the anti-illegal drug campaign with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency's (PDEA) stern warning against "passive" barangay officials.

The PDEA in Northern Mindanao has challenged the new sets of village officials to seriously acknowledge and recognize their roles in the barangays in terms of the campaign against dangerous drugs.

It also disclosed that the regional drug enforcement agency has started checking on winning candidates if they figured in the “narco-list” or have been identified in the watch list of drug personalities in the region.