Friday August 17, 2018

Prices of some school supplies up

SOME school supplies brands have increased their suggested retail prices (SRP) compared last year as per the released school supplies guidelines of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

As early as the first week of May, DTI had already released their school supplies guidelines that consumers and establishments alike nationwide can follow as far as the pricing of school supplies is concerned. As compared to the prices last year, there were 80-leaves notebook and pencil brands that have increased prices.

Topline teleserye designs without plastic cover are now priced at P15 from its previous price of P13.75. Paperline with margin is now at P15.75 from its 2017 price of P14.50. Advance generic designs with plastic cover are now at P16 from P15 last year. On the other hand, Advance character designs with plastic cover are priced now at P16.75 from P15.75 last year. Veco neo pop and colour notes with plastic cover are now priced at P17.25 from only P15.75 last year. Finally, Orions character designs with plastic cover have increased prices at P26.75 from only P23.75 last year.

Merit notebooks, both the color coded without plastic cover (P12.75) and the prime color coded with plastic cover (P34.00) have prices similar to their prices last year.

Prices for spiral 80-leaves notebooks are at P12.20 to P34.75 depending on the brand and the type of paper used. They are also promo packs of 6 for notebooks which are priced between P129.75 to P164.75

Best Buy Yellow No.1 and No.2 that comes in a 3-piece pack is now sold at P15 as was only P10.50 last year. However, prices promo packs of T-Pencil (P21.75), Mongol XL (P37.50), and HBW pencil (16.50) have remained the same with last year.

When last year the prices for writing pads of Grade 1 to 4 range from P9 to P12, it now ranges from P6 to P15.75. Intermediate pads, on the other hand, are sold between P12.20 to P32.75 depending on the brand and the type of paper used.

Pen prices range from P5 to P14.75. They also come in 2-piece pack priced at P21.75 and 3-piece pack with price ranging from P12 to P30.75 depending on the brand.