Thursday, September 20, 2018

Arts and culture in Habi heritage exhibit

THE Filipino Heritage Festival and SM City Davao mount Habi: A Journey through Philippine Handwoven Textiles.

The exhibition, opened on May 14, features a variety of woven art in different textures.

From north to south, weavers use cotton, silk, piña, abaca and other fibers to create textiles used for blankets, dresses, shirts, headscarves and all manner of utilitarian items necessary in daily life. Some are also imbued with religious and social significance.

Many of the patterns and colorways are unique to each culture, but a few are shared by various weaving traditions – perhaps an indication of trade and interaction or the diverse communities adapting similar designs from their environment.

Inabel, hablon, hinabi – all refer to an age-old tradition shared by most civilizations. “For weaving is not only traditional but spiritual, symbolic and sacred. What it produces expresses identity, culture, history, including dreams, the belief system, the environment. Indeed, it expresses everything that man experiences.”

Catch HABI and marvel in the wonderful stories of Philippine weaves at SM City Davao Annex Event Center, May 14 to 20. For inquiries, call 297-6998. Like SM City Davao on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and Twitter for event and promo updates.

The exhibit will be until May 20 at the Annex Event Center of SM Davao.