Tuesday August 14, 2018

Uyboco: KKEX Enumivo Interview (Part 1)

FOR those who have been following my past articles about Enumivo, I am reproducing here the full transcript of the live interview by the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange KKEX with the Enumivo developer, who goes by the pseudonym, Aiden Pearce (slightly edited for brevity and correctness):

KKEX: Hello everyone, we are so excited to tell you that we have invited the founder of Enumivo, Aiden Pearce. He will share his history and future development of ENU.

AP: I am Aiden Pearce. I’m the founder of Enumivo. I have been a software developer for more than 20 years. And the first time I read Satoshi’s bitcoin whitepaper, I fell in love with the idea. I kept on studying blockchain technology and consensus algorithms and distributed computing. And now, here we are, trying to make a difference in the world using these technologies.

KKEX: Thank you so much, Aiden, since we knew that you will come to make an interview, many ENU holders and fans sent me their questions, but due to the limited time, I have chosen some, so I am going to ask one by one. Would you like to tell us your nationality? And why don’t you want us to know who you are?

AP: I am an Enumivian. And I invite everyone to become Enumivians. I have no concept of nationality as I have no concept of nations. We are the human race. Enumivans don't divide themselves according to nations, races, creeds, even species. We are one. We don't discriminate. We respect all forms of life. Because we are Enumivians!

KKEX: You are one of the earliest bitcoin holders, will you use your bitcoin to control the ENU price?

AP: I will not artificially interfere with the market price of ENU. I will only interfere to give it more value by giving my time and effort to it. I started Enumivo with no hype. I want its growth organic and natural. I want everyone to see the value because of the effort and love everyone gives it. When I started it last February, I was only expecting a slow growth but with people who believe what I believe. I was surprised that the growth became so fast, even I have a hard time catching up. So I also have to step up and keep up.

KKEX: How did you come up with the name "Enumivo"?

AP: The Enumivo name is from my imagination and dream to have a place in the universe where people don't kill other people because of greed. And we don't have to take away other people's dignity and their chance to live a decent life for us to have a better life of our own. Only when we look out after one another can we be truly happy. It gives our lives purpose and meaning.

KKEX: Is Watchdogs one of your favorite video games? (assuming from your username)

AP: I'm a gamer so I got myself a pseudonym, Aiden Pearce.

KKEX: How many people do you have on your team now and who are they? What background do they have?

AP: When I started it, I was alone. Then slowly people from the community came together. All were volunteers at the beginning. So I invited some of them to be part of the interim core group. The core group now has 12 people. They come from many countries and have different skill sets. We have writers, IT managers, customer service representatives, developers, etc. We are a diverse group of individuals. We don't know each other personally but we communicate everyday.

However, being an interim group to get Enumivo started from nothing, I am now starting to consult with experts from different fields to formalize the organization. I will be restructuring the core team and make it more streamlined. The biggest challenge for me is to get a CTO and assemble a team of developers while managing the development funds well.

Remember, the greatest honor to give all ENU holders is to make sure we build a good system. I don't want to hype. I don't want to just tell the people what we built. I want the people to feel that we built something of value.

KKEX: We learned that ENU has block producers too, but how many ENU block producers will be chosen and when will you start? Could you explain more details?

AP: First let's talk about inflation since it will pay for the block producers. The community will decide how much inflation there will be but it can't be more than five percent per year. Four percent will go to savings and later the community can use it to hire people to work for Enumivo (like in Bitshares). One percent will go to the block producers. The One percent will be shared by active block producers (0.25%) and standby producers (0.75%). All the producers (active and standby) are voted by the community.

Those having the top 21 votes will be the active producers. They will equally share the 0.25 percent inflation. The rest of the 0.75 percent allocated for standby producers and will be distributed proportionally to those who got votes in such a way that the lowest will get at least 100 ENU per day. When mainnet goes live, everyone with ENU can vote. They will all take part in the governance process. So they will vote for block producers. And later, they will vote to hire and where to spend the four percent inflation that is saved.

KKEX: We heard that you are working on three projects at the same time, ENU, LTS, and UBI, do you have enough energy to complete these works?

AP: LiteShares is running already and stable so i'm not giving it much time anymore unless there are problems. The UBI development has not yet started. So the main focus now is to have the Enumivo blockchain running. So most of the time I have is building it and studying all the details inside it. I will also be building the development team and will get a CTO to head the development. This is also part of the restructuring of the core team. I have the energy to make it all happen.

KKEX: If you have to choose, which project is more important for you? Why?

AP: For me the most important project is UBI since this is what I always wanted to have in the beginning. This is unique to Enumivo. The Enumivo platform is needed to make UBI run. And the LTS was created just to be ready to have an exchange for ENU and UBI and not be too dependent on which exchange will support us when we go live. So although all are important, the end goal is to have UBI running. And we will need Enumivo platform and we will keep building on it to support the UBI and other applications that will give UBI more value and utility.

KKEX: What's the next move to expand the ENU Community?

AP: I will be writing a paper about "Enumivo Ranking Algorithm". This will be used to fairly rank people by voting. This algorithm will be used to select the 1,000 initial settlers of UBI. And also it will be used to rank members of the Enumivo Community and they will get weekly bounties based on the ranking. This will invite everyone to be more active in the community site. I will post this article in the community and create a software to implement the ranking algorithm.

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