Thursday August 16, 2018


Photo from Derek Ramsay's Instagram account

I DON’T know how many movie fans share my dislike for movie titles that are taken from hit songs, something which Star Cinema had been doing many times.

This month, the company came up with “Kasal,” a film with a powerful cast led by Bea Alonzo, Derek Ramsay and Paolo Avelino. For a change, I suppose, the title was not from a song.

The movie could be in anticipation to the “marry month of June,” which is barely two weeks away.


For two consecutive nights, Mother Nature has gifted the “playground of the whale sharks” enough rainfall to cool off the environment and make the plants happy.

However, I believe it is still not a sign that the dry season and the chance to frolic in beaches are waving goodbye. That means I can still enhance my tan having avoided the beach for some time now.

Aside from the whale sharks, Oslob is also gifted with white sands and clear seawater but the threat of jellyfish sting scares me. Hopefully, the threat has faded away.


Refrain from using the shower—this is the advice of the Metropolitan Cebu Water District’s (MCWD) to consumers during the hot days. In contrast, the Barangays of Oslob Water & Sanitation Services Coop or Bowssco advises its members to use the shower.

I favor the second advice, not because I am a member of the coop. Looking closely, using the shower, especially with the handheld or telephone-type head, wets the body directly in contrast to using a kabô, which can wet only a little part of the body. What do you think?